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Weeks 7-10

October 27, 2013
Chicago Trip

7 weeks … ACL is a no-go:

After much consideration, I had to tell my friend Krista in Austin that I was cancelling my trip to come see her.  We had purchased tickets what seems like forever ago to the ACL music festival, a three day long crazy music festival with all kinds of good artists.  I was so sad to do it, but I’m sure it was the right decision.  I didn’t want to hold Krista back from enjoying all the bands, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it a full day and night for three days (in the Austin heat).  I was feeling okay … not great, but definitely could have been worse, but I was completely exhausted!  Like face down on the floor tired by 7pm every night.  Not exactly in the concert going, fun loving mood I’d prefer to be in for a weekend music fest.

Still big into apples, and am hating the smell of coffee, beer, and minty gum.

Oh, and I did buy this (which may be a bit odd):

Garlic and Onion Jelly ... hmmm

Garlic and Onion Jelly … hmmm

It will all be worth it in 33 weeks …

8 weeks … Twin City 10 mile run:

We ran the Twin Cities 10 mile last Sunday.  We signed up back in July with a team of 6 of us.  By the time Sunday rolled around, it was just Matt and I.  I thought about skipping it, but decided I’d at least give it a shot.  I could always walk the whole thing if I was feeling terrible, right? 

Matt kindly ran with me.  We did run the whole thing, but made a couple of pit stops in the beginning, then every mile or half mile at the end to attempt to ‘fix’ my knee that was killing me.  It was a very slow 10 miles, though.  Matt must have been secretly dying inside running such a slow race (love you, dear).  Besides the knee problem, I felt just fine.  The morning actually turned out to be really nice … not too cold, and sunshine for our entire race.  I was super glad I decided to give it a try.  Next year maybe we’ll try for a better time :)

9 weeks:

Not much new this week.  We found out that some friends in our neighborhood are also expecting … just a couple weeks before our due date.  I had a feeling they might be, but I had no good reason why I thought that.  I think I just wanted it to be the case after I knew we were pregnant.   I am dying to tell them that we’re also expecting, but I’ll wait just a bit.  We still need to finish telling our families before we start spreading the news to everyone else!

Morning sickness:  mild … more like a dull, all day slight hangover.  I know I’m lucky.

Cravings:  Ice Cream (though this could totally be unrelated to pregnancy).

10 weeks … Chicago Trip:

We just got home from a weekend in Chicago.  Our ‘secret’ didn’t last long after arriving.  My good college friend, Ann, basically had a glass of wine waiting for me when we walked in the door.  I stuttered a bit … tried to think of something to say to give me a minute, but then just blurted out, “yeah, I’m pregnant.”  She was going to have to drink wine solo this weekend (though the hubbies joined her with plenty of craft and homemade beer drinking). 

I actually felt pretty good the whole weekend.  We had a great time, the boys surprisingly slept well, and it was SO fun to see everyone again!  Most of my college friends/roommates live in the Chicago area, so we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like … especially now that everyone has families.  It was also a really relaxing trip!  I think Ann and I were asleep on the couch every night by 9:30 (this is not rare for Ann … she doesn’t do well with late nights… never hasJ).

The only thing that made me really feel sick was Matt’s minty gum he tried to crew on the car ride there.  He promptly spit it out after realizing my aversion.

Chicago Trip

Chicago Trip

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