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Weeks 11-15

November 29, 2013
Facebook and blog announcement

11 weeks … first doctor appointment:

I had my first appointment this past week … a little later than normal.  Everything looked good!  My clinic does not give ultrasounds before 20 weeks for a normal pregnancy (unless you have genetic testing done).   I learned from my last pregnancy, however,  that if I seemed unsure of my dates, they would give me a quick ‘dating’ ultrasound to be sure how far along I actually was.  I feel a little dishonest about this, but getting to see my baby … seeing his or her heart beating, seeing legs and arms was the best feeling ever!!  Very reassuring to see that as I’m still in the first trimester, and not technically out of the ‘risky’ zone yet.

I was able to take some pictures home for Matt, too.  Such a fun day!

First glimpse of baby Stahl #3

First glimpse of baby Stahl #3

Disclaimer … I’m not recommending you lie to your doctor just to get an early ultrasound (only if you have good reasons … which I clearly did :)).

12 weeks … spreading the news:

This past week we shared the news with Matt’s family and with most of our close friends that we see on a regular basis.  I wanted to let them know I wasn’t just getting fat, and avoid the awkward guesses as to why I was passing up wine (not like me). 

Here’s the picture we sent out:

Email to friends, "Charlie is thrilled to announce ..."

Email to friends, “Charlie is thrilled to announce …”

I mentioned in our announcement that I hadn’t officially told Owen about baby 3 when taking this picture.  He just kept asking who that third chair was for.  I said, “A baby,” and tried to move on.  I’m pretty sure he was thoroughly confused.  Probably not the best parenting move, but oh well.  He was still very cooperative.  Love you, O!

It’s such a relief when everyone finally knows (though my work still doesn’t … still slightly dreading that conversation).

13 weeks … Last week of first trimester!

This past week, I’ve started to feel MUCH better.  No more ‘dull hangover’ feeling all day, no more eating all day long, and more energy!  Hooray!  Still don’t like minty gum, though.

I also got out and had some ‘adult’ time with a couple friends, one being our neighbor who is due 3 weeks before us.  It was the first time I had seen her (and the other ladies) since the news, so it was fun to talk about baby stuff (without having to explain my lack of wine drinking and expanding belly)!

14 weeks:  Breaking out the maternity clothes!

Yes, this past week, I broke out the maternity clothes.  I was sad about this, and happy at the same time.  Sad, because I’m still sick of these clothes from my previous two pregnancies.  Happy because I have more comfortable clothes to wear now. 

Expandable waistbands just in time for the holidays … good thing or bad?  Hmmm….

On the plus side … I went to a yoga class and another cardio/strength class this past week.  I was so glad I went (after I was done…).  

15 weeks … Second doc appointment and Thanksgiving!

It was a whirlwind of a week, but I’m happy to report Thanksgiving was a success!  Our turkey turned out, our guests seemed happy, our boys had a great weekend.

We also started a bunch of projects around the house including some Christmas decorating. 

I’m feeling completely back to normal, and am super thankful to have my energy back in full (or close to, at least).

I’m also thankful for another good checkup at the doctor.  Heartbeat sounded good … no concerns. 

I am a big fan of the second trimester!

We also announced our news on facebook and this blog yesterday (at 16 weeks).  That’s it.  Now everyone I know officially knows {big sigh of relief here}.

Facebook and blog announcement

Facebook and blog announcement

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    Dull hangover, YES! That is such an accurate description! I saw that your joined our Mom Lovin Hop last week and have been poking around your blog for an unmentionable amount of time… :) Congrats on being pregnant! I know you are farther along now but since I am 13.5 weeks pregnant I was curious to read this post!

    XO/Lena @ Root&Blossom
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