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Vegas, Baby!

October 1, 2013

Like I’ve mentioned (more than several times in the past week), we were in Vegas this past weekend.  While it’s my fourth time in Vegas, and probably Steph’s 12th, the city always amazes and shocks me.  Seriously…talk about over indulgence, over stimulation, and man-made (read: very faux) ‘scenery’ for miles!  ‘Sin City’ is an appropriate name for this city.  For sure.  I’m pretty sure quite a few of the people I see here, doing crazy things, are probably completely normal people in ‘real life’ and are just using Vegas as an excuse to let all their rules, morals (?), and rational judgments fall by the wayside.  Really, I’d be willing to bet that lady I saw dressed in skin tight short black dress walking stumbling through the casino in 5” heels at 8am (guessing she had yet to sleep) was quite possibly an accountant, maybe a lawyer, a teacher, or even a marketing executive in ‘real’ life.  (More on why I was up at 8am in a later post).

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not judging.  On several occasions (i.e. when 16 of us went for my bachelorette party 6.5 years ago), I could easily be grouped in with the ‘questionable’ bordering on ‘crazy’ ladies I speak of.  Just making an observation … this town never fails to surprise!  It was quite a contrast to our beautiful, scenic, mountain top wedding, Colorado vacation of last month!

I thought I’d share just a bit from the trip (sorry about the quality of the pics.  They’re all taken with my iPhone.  Didn’t trust myself to bring the nice camera to Vegas) …

We’re here!  Limo ride to the hotel (good thing about traveling in larger parties … limos are similar price as multiple cabs).

The ladies:


The gents:


First night out … had to take the picture by the Bellagio Fountains.

Matt and I:

photo (5)

Jim and Jess:

photo (3)

(apparently, Steph and Chris weren’t all about this picture op)

We stayed at Aria.  I’m pretty sure this is the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at … the most technological, for sure!  Very modern with THE. MOST. COMFORTABLE. BEDS.  EVER.  Seriously, I never wanted to get out of it!  We walked into our hotel room and the curtains opened, lights turned on, and music started playing.  FANCY!

Photo courtesy of Aria

Photo courtesy of Aria.  Our room looked just like this!

A new experience for me was downtown Vegas.  Friday night, Jim convinced us that we had to see it, and OMG was it an experience!!  I thought I saw some odd stuff on the strip … that was nothing compared to downtown!  Quite the cast of characters!  Here’s just one of the characters (that happens to be somewhat fit for displaying on the blog):


This is his ‘job’ he tell us. Hmmm.

Two things will stay in my mind from downtown Vegas:  the creepy cupid man (did not even want to take a picture of him … gave me the shivers) and the canopy and light show over Fremont Street.  The canopy extends over four blocks.  When it’s not on, you feel like you’re inside the whole time (looks like a white roof), but when the light show starts…it’s stunning!



Saturday, we started the day off by checking an item off Matt’s bucket list.  He loves food, he loves to cook, and he really loves to eat at GOOD restaurants.  Bouchon Bistro, in the Venetian, was the place!  It’s owned by Thomas Keller (think French Laundry, Ad Hoc) and part of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group.  While the dinner menu looked a bit too pricey for our budgets, breakfast seemed fairly reasonable (at least for Vegas standards).

photo (12)

photo (13)

Also going on Saturday … the Gopher / Hawkeye game (Big 10 football!!).  Matt and I are both big Hawkeye fans but now live in Minnesota (home of the Gophers).  We thought about betting on the game …

Iowa favored by 1.5 points (I learned)

Iowa favored by 1.5 points (I learned)

But for some reason, decided against it (probably because we both HATE gambling).

We found a pub playing the game, and watched the second half as we cheered the Hawkeyes to a big victory!  Should have put money on it!

photo (14)


Saturday night, we stopped by a club … Hakkasan in MGM.  Since this was Jess’ first time in Vegas, she wanted to see what a Vegas club was all about.  Good thing, a club promoter gave us free tickets while lounging by the pool earlier in the day ($100 for guys to get in!!).  We went in, walked around to each floor, got a drink or two, and left.  Was quite a spectacle.  The line outside when we left was insane!

It was a great trip, but I’m SOOO glad to be back home.  I missed my boys.  I missed peace and quiet.  And I missed being home (even if Aria’s beds were better than my own).  Maybe I’ll be ready for Vegas in another year?  We’ll see.  I’m thinking it will be at least that long before I’m ready to go back!

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