Trending Neutrals in Home Decor {Zillow Guest Post}

September 3, 2014
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Hey there!  I have a fun guest post for you today.  Jennifer Riner from Zillow is here sharing some ideas for bringing neutrals into your home.

I, for one, am a HUGE fan of neutrals, so I was excited to read this article!  I’ve done the bright colorful thing in previous places.  In our first home together (a small condo that we bought right before we got married), Matt and I painted the walls nearly every color in the rainbow.  Bright red.  Cheery yellow.  Light Blue.  Dark Blue.  Brown.  A greenish-beige.  Orange.  Grey.  And our condo was only 800 square feet.  It was colorful … lemme tell you!  I had always wondered why people who owned their homes (and thus had free reign to paint the walls) would live with white walls.  Wow … have my tastes changed since then!

With our current home, it was pretty  colorful when we moved in, and we’ve been slowly doing the opposite … painting everything white and grey (white the exception of the bold navy herringbone wall in the boys’ room).  I wish I could snap my finger and have our entire house painted white and grey … inside and out!

We’re slowly getting there.  Very slowly.

Here’s Jennifer, and some inspiration for adding in more neutrals to your home decor.

It is no surprise warm, neutral colors have made a huge comeback just in time for autumn. While beiges and browns have always been considered safe go-to tones, they are stealing the spotlight as the top choices in interior design. According to Zillow Digs, bright hues have taken a backseat to neutrals such as khaki, grullo, raw umber, bistre and eerie black.

Consider revamping an outdated room or generating interest for homes on the market with fresh color schemes. Here are four benefits of sticking to a neutral palette in upcoming design projects.


Organic Neutral Decor  |  View From The Fridge

Source: Zillow

Neutral colors closely resemble pigments occurring in natural, outdoor spaces. Incorporating organic tones such as espresso and beige creates a relaxed atmosphere where homeowners feel at ease. Ever notice the décor in a salon or spa? Most of the time, neutral colors dominate the design so clients remain as tranquil as possible. Using earth tones, a homeowner can de-stress in the comfort of their own living room.


Neutral Guest Room  |  View From The Fridge

Source: Zillow

Most people are fans of the neutral color palette. Associated tones are simple, warm and inviting. If an eclectic home is more fitting to the homeowner’s style, consider redesigning only the guest room. Overnight guests should feel less intimidated and more comfortable staying in rooms of predominately whites, tans and blacks over bold, overwhelming colors.

Increased Resale Value

 Pop Of Color Neutral Decor  |  View From The FridgeSource: Zillow Blog

Nix the lavender bedroom and go for something a bit more gender-neutral when staging a home. House hunters searching for their perfect homes are often thrown off by distracting colors. It’s more difficult for them to imagine living in a space if the color scheme doesn’t match their own personal preferences. The safest staging decision is to choose neutral tones which generate mass appeal.


complementary colors Source: Kristina Wilson Design

Incorporating colorful accents in all-white rooms is the newest design trend. One of the main advantages to a predominately neutral color scheme is that it pairs well with pretty much any other color. With neutral walls, furniture and flooring, stagers or homeowners can incorporate pops of bright tones such as coral, avocado or mustard to create uniqueness in the space. Even neon colors and animal print patterns work well in otherwise understated spaces. However, it is important to remember the rule of design, less is more. Be careful not to clutter the room with colorful, statement accessories because they take away from the soft flow and comfort created by the room’s mild hues.

When staging a home for a resale or considering refurbishing a room, make sure to use these neutrals as a base for flawless interiors. There is no doubt incorporating these shades is beneficial for homeowners, whether playing it safe with an all neutral design or adding in some funky accent tones.

Katie here again …. Soo0oo, what do you think about neutrals???  Do you use them as the base of your decor in your home?  Do you add in pops of color, or keep it all neutral and ‘tranquil’.  

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    I really like this look! I think I may try having a neutral room with colorful accents in my next house.

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    This is really a great idea and it looks elegant. I am definitely going to follow your idea of neutral color.

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