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This year I resolve to … Finish an IRONMAN!

December 30, 2013
Flapper Dancing In 'The Great Gatsby'

Ha! Did I get your attention? Well … I lied (as if you’re really surprised). I have no intention of completing this grueling race this year (or ever, really).  In 2014, I think I’ll instead work on having a baby, raising some young men, being a better person, and a couple other self improvement / life improvement items.  Easy enough, right?  Keep reading for the dirty details of these, however.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you share your resolutions with anyone or keep them personal? Do you make this a family activity?  If so, what age did you start discussing this with your kiddos?  Or … Do you skip this ‘hype’ all together? Statistics say you’re bound to fail, anyway!

However, statistics also say that if you make a resolution you’re TEN times more likely to successfully alter a behavior than you would if you didn’t make a start-of-the-year vow. So … I say why not? Why not work on improving at least one thing (or nine in my case … see below)? And I also say, why not include the whole family in the process? We can all work on a couple things, help keep each other on track, help remind each other on what we’re working towards.  We have a family project focused on our goals for 2014 that we’re working on now and I plan to share later this week, but today I thought I’d share a little about my resolutions (gulp).

They say that making your resolutions ‘public’ gives you a better chance of success (which seems obvious to me), so this post is probably more for my benefit than any of you reading this (sorry about being so selfish … maybe I should resolve to change that!).  Anyway, if you’re still reading … here goes:

I have a long, long list of things I’d like to work on this year, but here are my top 9:



Read one new book per month.


Why, you ask?  Because, I literally can not think of the last book I read.  I read blogs and magazines  all day long, but actual books???  Yep, besides the stories I read to my boys, I don’t think I’ve picked up a book in quite some time (or finished one in even longer). How embarrassing is that?!?  How boring am I?  I’m just glad the topic hasn’t come up in any conversations recently.  So … this is a resolution I intend on keeping.  It should be easy enough … Matt reads every night for at least 15 minutes before bed.  There should be no reason I couldn’t join him.  First up (for no particular reason, except the fact that it’s been staring at me on our bookshelf for years), Water For Elephants.  After that, I’m all for suggestions.  Fiction, Non-Fiction, self improvement, biographies, motivational stories, etc;  I’m game for any of it!


Make a point to entertain more often (i.e. invite our friends and family over to our house more in 2014).

Flapper Dancing In 'The Great Gatsby'

Okay, when I say ‘entertaining’, that is not exactly what I had in mind.  Over the past year, I’ve used the excuses, “our house is too messy” or “I don’t know what we’ll feed them” (I’m not the world’s greatest cook), or “we could get so many projects done, instead during that time” to NOT invite our friends and family over for dinner, drinks, playdates, or just for fun.  I’m going to make a conscious effort this year to not use these excuses.  Our house probably won’t be cleaner this year (baby three may put a damper on that), I doubt my cooking is going to improve dramatically, and our project list is not getting any smaller, BUT I’m going to try my best to ignore all of that.  I always have so much fun when we have people over, and every time they leave, I always end up thinking, “we should do that more often.”  Well … 2014 will be the year we actually do that … more entertaining!  Cheers to that resolution!


Eat ‘cleaner’ and complete the Whole 30 Challenge (Dusty from All Things G & D is my inspiration).



Exercise at least 2 times per week.


So I had to throw these two cliché resolutions that everyone seems to make.  Over the past year, I’ve gone through spurts of eating well  and exercising, but then I stop for a couple months (add revert to eating ice cream every night).  I really, really want to try to eat completely clean for a month.  This means no cheating AT ALL … for ALL 30 days.  I figure the first part of 2014 is as good of time as ever.  Eating cleanly will not only be good for baby three, but should help me continue to feel good and be healthy (knock on wood).  When I’m not pregnant, it would be hard to give up my occasional glass of wine or beer with friends, but that’s not an option right now, so dilemma averted!  Here’s to ONE MONTH of absolutely no cheating when it comes to what goes in my mouth!   I just haven’t decided for sure when the kick off day will be.  I feel like I need to read a little more about what items I’m going to eat (and NOT going to eat), and file away some recipes to help along the way.  Stay tuned for that kick off (thinking February 1st??).


Do a better job managing laundry … wash, dry, and PUT AWAY at least one load of laundry every other day. 


Think I’ll look this happy doing it in my dress and apron?  Ha! 

Maybe it’s because our house is in disarray at the moment with all the projects we’re in the middle of, or maybe because I can never find a pair of matching socks for the boys when I’m in a hurry to get out the door every morning, but I’ve had it with our laundry situation.  Seriously, a couple weeks ago I almost bought more laundry baskets at Target because I felt like we didn’t have enough.  We have FOUR!!!  Turns out, when you never put away the clean clothes that occupy those baskets, you eventually run out of empty ones (and also makes trying to find socks a huge undertaking).  I get stressed out when I see my husband frantically trying to find some boxers to wear in the morning in the multiple laundry baskets in our room, and I end up wearing the same jeans for several days just because I don’t know where any other clean ones are.  One load every other day … washed, dried, and PUT AWAY.  It just seems like this will cause me a lot less anxiety in general (and probably will be much appreciated by Matt).


Spend more time ‘teaching’ my boys things (and hopefully make it fun for them). 


We’re very good at some things (like manners), but somewhere along the way, I’ve pretty much forgotten to teach Owen how to write, count, or identify letters.  Okay, that sounds bad, but it’s kind of true.  When I think about it … we spend a lot of time playing together, of reading books together, of working on craft projects together, but actual writing?  Identifying letters and numbers?  Counting how many M&Ms they have on their plate?  I would have to give myself a failing grade this past year.  According to his teacher, he’s right on track for ‘normal’ development for his age, but it’s not because of any conscious effort on my part.  Instead of playing Legos and trucks all morning, I’ll throw in a couple minutes of writing (or at least holding a pencil correctly).  Instead of just handing over the cheesy bunny snacks, maybe we’ll count them first.  Maybe throw in some themes to teach letters, you know like Sesame Street’s letter of the day (do they still do this?).  We’ll focus on finding ‘K’ letters all day.  It can’t hurt, but it could be a huge help, so why not?  I only get one chance at this parenting thing (for each kiddo, that is), so I better step up to the plate and give it all I’ve got, huh?


Make sure our house is up to par in terms of safety (smoke/CO2 alarms, radon tests, etc). 


We just installed all new smoke alarms in every room of the house this past month, but we still have a ways to go to make sure our house is as safe as possible.  We need to test for Radon ASAP.  We need to test the CO2 alarms we have (and possibly consider adding a couple more).  We need to have our chimney professionally cleaned.  We even need to do little things like buy a couple more flashlights in case of emergency (seriously, I don’t think we have one working flashlight in the house right now besides the one on my phone).


Organize one area of our home per week.

Organize Please

This could be as small as our junk drawer, silverware drawer, book case or a big project … such as our office project reveals coming this month (stay tuned!!!).  I love the blog I Heart Organizing.  I love being organized.  I just have a problem with implementing organization in my life and our home.  Well …. I’m planning on changing that this year, and in honor of this, I’m kicking off a weekly series entitled, “Our Dirty Little Secret”.  Each week, I’ll share with you an organizational project we’ve accomplished … the before and after shots, and any helpful tips I learn along the way.  Stay tuned … and help hold me accountable!!


Keep a journal and write in it daily (or at least a couple times per week); the first part of every entry being something I’m grateful for (practice gratitude). 


The events of this past year, have made me realize just how precious every day is (sounds sappy, I know).  I want to make sure I take some time every day to just be thankful for everything we have.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the, “won’t it be great when ____”, and “I would love to have that”, that we (I) sometimes forget to be thankful and grateful for what we have … right now.  Matt gave me a fancy journal last Christmas.  I just checked … exactly 4 entries in it to date.  Well, I dug it out, and it’s going to stay out and accessible, and by this time next year … will hopefully be filled with 365 things I’m grateful for, as well as other thoughts and happenings in our 2014.

There are plenty of other things I could add to this list like working on improving this blog (both my content, as well as my writing … oh, and the layout/design, too), creating and maintaining a vegetable garden this summer, making a better effort to try new {and healthy} dinner recipes, to floss everyday … no exceptions, to stop procrastinating, etc, but my  focus, however, is going to be on those top nine items above this year.  Is nine too many?  Probably, but I couldn’t decide on any to cut out, so there they are.  Why not an even 10?  Who knows … maybe because they fit nicely in the picture collage below (joking).

Here's to 2014!

Here’s to 2014!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my nine goals, or New Years Resolutions in general.  Leave me a note.  Think I’m taking on too many?  Am I forgetting some very important ones?

We had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope your family did, too.  It was nice to take a little break from the Christmas decorating, crafting, and present wrapping, and just play for a couple days.  We’ll be back in full swing in a couple days here on View From The Fridge and I hope you’ll join us as we move into 2014!  It should prove to be an exciting year with lots of projects around the house (as well as getting ready for baby girl or boy #3)!  And finally, thanks for everyone who stopped by in 2013 … you have no idea how much your comments and notes have meant to me!


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  • Reply Raquel December 31, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    Oh boy we could totally be best friends;) I think you stole my list…..well except that ironman thing.nope not going to happen here (either) :)
    Have a great new year start off !!

    • Reply Raquel December 31, 2013 at 11:43 pm

      Oh and a side note….my little word for the year will be “commitment” that should help with my list:) LOL!

      • Reply Katie January 1, 2014 at 8:02 pm

        Hi Raquel,
        I’m quite certain I will never run an ironman, either. :) Here’s to a new start to a new year! Thanks for stopping by … keep in touch this year!

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  • Reply TheBargainBabe January 3, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Oh I’m so glad you aren’t actually doing an Ironman. Now we can be friends. 😀

    I don’t really have resolutions but I am working on a Reading List for the year!

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  • Reply Lizzie January 11, 2014 at 6:17 am

    I love your goals! Your last one reminded me of a journal I use. It’s called one line a day. It’s really small and actually lasts 5 years! There are about 6 lines each day which is perfect to write down the main thing that happened or a sweet moment. I get overwhelmed trying to write pages each day but this keeps me on track with the specific days. Just a thought :)

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