Tea & Crumpets Apron {Anthro Knock Off #1}

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Happy Sunday!!  But wait … I usually don’t post anything on Sundays (it is a day of rest, right?!?).  This week, however, is different!!  Today marks the start of Anthropologie Knock Off Week here on View From The Fridge (as well as four other fabulous blogs!!)

Anthropologie Knock Off Week  |  View From The Fridge

Here’s how it’s going down …

  • Each day (starting today and going through Friday), each of those lovely ladies above and I will post a knock off project on our blogs.  That’s 6 projects each this week from each of us … 30 total!
  • On Saturday (the 7th and final day of this week), we’ll be having a link party so YOU can link up and show off your fabulous Anthro knock off projects!
  • We’ll be pinning our knock offs, along with the original Anthro link, to our group Anthro Knock Off Week Board. Click here to follow along.  We’ll be pinning the link party projects next Saturday, too!


Anthropologie Knock Off Challenge  Day 1

Here on View From The Fridge today, I’m sharing my version of Anthro’s Tea & Crumpets Apron



Because I’m FAR from an expert seamstress, I decided to start with an inexpensive plain white, pre-made apron from JoAnn (near the tie-dye supplies).  $5.99 at 40% off = $3.60!

My starting point ... a plain white apron

My starting point …


From there, I added detail by detail right over the top.  Here’s how the ‘anatomy’ of my Tea & Crumpets Apron broke down:

Details and supplies for my tea and crumpets apron




  • Add thick bias tape (quilt binding) to neck and waist straps for a little added appeal (those tiny white ones are just too wimpy!)
  • Add gathered skirt to bottom half of apron (my grey/white circles fabric)
  • Add white ruffle to bottom of skirt
  • Add three white ruffles on top half of apron
  • Add waist band across center (and to cover top of skirt and bottom of ruffles)
  • Add pocket (that might hold a cell phone, but that’s about it!)
  • Add clip on flower



Step 1:  Add bias tape to ‘beef up’ the ties

Adding bias tape to apron ties



  1. Starting point … flimsy little thin white ties
  2. Place existing white tie into fold of bias tape and sew along outer edge.  I cut the existing neck ‘loop’ in half, then added extra length of bias tape to each half.  Now the apron ties around the neck rather than simply slipping over your head.  More work to put on, but it fits much better now!
  3. ‘Beefed’ up ties!


Step 2:  Add ruffles!




  1. Cut three long strips of thin white fabric (~ 45″ long each)
  2. ‘Ruffle’ strips by sewing a straight line down the center with your machine on the highest tension (mine is 9) and widest stitch width (mine is 5.0).  See this post for more details on creating ruffles using this method.
  3. Make sure to switch your machine settings back to normal, then sew ruffles in place on top of apron.  Trim edges of ruffles.


Step 3:  Make Gathered Skirt

How to make a gathered skirt for apron



  1. Cut skirt fabric roughly 45″ wide x 20″ long.  Gather one end of this piece of fabric by sewing similar to how you created the ruffles.  Machine on tight tension (I set it to 7) and widest stitch width.  Sew along the one edge, backstitching at beginning and end.
  2. Cut 2 long strips of your thin white fabric.  Mine were each 45″ long.  If you happen to have 90″ of fabric, then just cut ONE strip ~90″ long.  Ruffle these pieces.
  3. Sew top of skirt onto middle of white apron.
  4. Cut off excess fabric if necessary
  5. Hem all edges of skirt (except top edge that is attached to white apron).  Attach ruffles to bottom of skirt.


Step 4:  Make Pocket

How to make pocket for apron



  1. Cut two ‘pocket shaped’ pieces of fabric (I did this freehand).  Sew the two pieces together with right sides facing and leaving a gap to flip the pocket right-side-out along the top, flap edge.
  2. Flip the fabric right side out, then stitch the gap closed.
  3. Using a strip of white fabric, ruffle it (same method as above), then set your machine back to normal and sew ruffle in place along top / flat part of pocket (this ruffle should cover the stitches from sewing the gap closed).
  4. Trim edge if ruffle is a bit too long.


Step 5:  Put it all together on the apron

How to sew an Anthropologie Inspired Apron



  1. Create waist band for apron.  I cut the fabric roughly twice the desired ending thickness ~6″.  Then folded in half (right sides facing), sewed a seam, flipped the band right side out, ironed it flat, then
  2. Sew band to apron making sure to cover bottom of ruffles and top of skirt.
  3. Attach pocket to skirt by sewing around all edges EXCEPT the top, flat edge (where ruffle is).
  4. Attach clip on flower, AND






Now, I’d love to model this for you, but my 37 week preggo belly makes this apron look ridiculous.  To help me out, my hubby, Matt put it on for me (and was thrilled to model it for you).  Not sure if he looks any less ridiculous than me and my belly, however:




I’m sure he’s going to be less-than-happy that I actually put that picture in here.  I just couldn’t help it … it makes me laugh every time I look at it.  (oh … and I’m hoping that this apron looks a bit nicer on me (after #3 is born) than it does on him).



I spent:

  • ~ $10 of fabric
  • $3 on bias tape
  • $2 on clip on flower

And about an hour and a half.

Anthro’s version sells for $32.  Is it worth it??



This would be a fun bridal shower / bachelorette party gift, or wedding gift with a matching ‘his’ apron (not entirely sure what that would look like, though).

Now … it’s time to stop over and check out what the four other talented bloggers came up with for Day #1 of the Anthro Knock Off Challenge:

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Angela from Life In Velvet:  Vintage Storage Boxes



Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and be sure to stop back tomorrow to check out all the projects for Day 2 of the Anthropologie Knock Off Challenge.



  1. love the apron and all of the projects. This is a great challenge! Your hubby is a great sport too. Hugs
    katherines corner recently posted…Four Seasons Frame CraftMy Profile

    • Thanks, Katherine!! The thing I’m most excited about this week is checking out all the other ladies project that I’ve seen ‘sneak peaks’ of only … Thanks for stopping by!
      Katie recently posted…Tea & Crumpets Apron {Anthro Knock Off #1}My Profile

  2. I love these! Haha your husband is such a trooper. I think the one you made is way cuter than theirs anyway. I’m stopping by from the blog hop & I’m a new follower.
    Leslie recently posted…The Sunday SocialMy Profile

  3. Baaaaahaahaahaha omg.. I am dying! The picture of Matt is PRICELESS. Haha! My husband would never do it, you guys are so fun. The apron turned out AMAZING!!! Love it so much!

  4. I love how your apron turned out! And, I think my husband would have “loved” modeling an apron about as much as yours did. ha.
    Amy W recently posted…Link It or Lump It Party Number 35My Profile

  5. This is so precious! Amazing job! I absolutely love it :) Matt looks so thrilled. You guys are too funny! It’s going to look so adorable on you after your third!
    Angela (Life in Velvet) recently posted…Vintage Storage BoxesMy Profile

  6. Matt is a great sport! LOL Very pretty apron.

  7. Katie! Wow! I am so impressed with your sewing skills AND your husband’s apron modeling skills :) Seriously, I love your apron and can’t believe you made it for only $15! Great job!
    Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body recently posted…Reclaimed Wood Letter ~ Anthropologie Knock Off Week No. 1My Profile

  8. you ladies are nuts! In a good way. I don’t think I could come up with 6 knock offs in a month, let alone a week. Total admiration!
    I LOVE the idea of modifying an existing craft apron, and your instructions are very thorough. Thanks for sharing!
    Rachel recently posted…Boy’s Room Book NookMy Profile

  9. these are better than the originals and all of the joy and love put into them shine right through! hope you’ll stop by my blog soon and find more lovely!

    michele@hellolovelystudio recently posted…paging DR. LOVEMy Profile

  10. Apron is adorable! And your hubby looks so happy to test run it for you :)
    Kristina & Millie recently posted…12 Kid Crafts for Mom’s DayMy Profile

  11. I agree, I am not sure how ‘happy’ Matt looks but the apron is adorable and so is Matt.

  12. Awe! What a nice hubby!! Your apron is adorable!
    Tori recently posted…Messy Hair Don’t Care Toddler ShirtMy Profile

  13. Totally cracked me up as I was reading your post and spotted that picture of Matt, too funny, Our poor husbands. Matt’s pictures is going to be a Pinterest sensation! Ok now on to the apron. These is adorable, I don’t have an apron, I know weird right? I want one of these asap!!
    Courtney @ Crafts by Courtney recently posted…DIY Easter Family Portrait InspirationMy Profile

  14. LOVE this and that photo of your husband is hilarious! I love how you crossed out “happily” modeling, haha. Thanks for sharing at The Makers, pinned :)

    Geez, I am like super stalking you today, huh? lol.

    Katie @ Upcycled Treasures recently posted…The Makers Link Party #15My Profile

  15. So lovely! I am totally making this as soon as we get into our new house:) Thanks for linking it up to Motivation Monday!
    Lauryn recently posted…Chocolate Buttercream Icing {Recipe}My Profile

  16. Hahaha, the picture of your husband wearing this made me laugh! This apron is adorable. Thanks for linking up with Hump Day Happenings!
    Jenna @ A Savory Feast recently posted…Hump Day Happenings #8My Profile

  17. Katie, you are so incredibly talented and creative! I wish I could sew… too bad we don’t live closer, you could teach me! Love this apron, girl!
    PS – your husband looks adorable! My husband’s name is Matt, too :)

  18. This is so cute!! And what a great sport your hubby is! Stopping by from Hump Day Happenings.
    Lauren recently posted…Top five reasons we don’t want to hang out with youMy Profile

  19. OMGosh I love it! The apron came out so well and the model was too funny! Thanks for sharing it.
    Erlene recently posted…Blog Hobnob Link Up ~ MayMy Profile

    • Ha! Thanks for the comment! My model was thrilled … (or not). Have a great rest of your week!

  20. Super cute project! I love the ruffles and little flower trim. Even on your poor man! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    • Ha! Thanks, Alison. He was not exactly pleased when he saw this post! Oh well, he was a good sport (or too afraid to argue with a crazy super pregnant lady)! Thanks for the party! Have a good night!

  21. Love the apron!

  22. The flower and the pocket make your apron! Love how you started with a cheapie pre-made apron!


    I would love for you to share your creativity with us at Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Join us each Saturday morning at 8:00 am EST! Hope to see you tomorrow!

    ~ Ashley
    Ashley @ 3 Little Greenwoods recently posted…A Birds Nest Bracelet {A Tutorial}My Profile

  23. Haha! That pic of your hubby is hilarious! I think my husband would be making the same face if I made him model an apron! Your apron is so cute! Makes me want to bake something! ;)
    Allison @ The Golden Sycamore recently posted…Pink Nightstand Side TableMy Profile

  24. I love this apron ~ aprons and I have a ‘relationship’ ~ I feel like a 1950′s mom when I wear one but I don’t put on pearls…usually just over some jeans. I’ll be including this and your Anthropolgie knockoff potholder in a Mother’s Day round up this week.

    Pinned and stumbled!

    hugs, Mary Beth
    Mary Beth @ Cupcakes and Crinoline recently posted…Project Inspire{d} #65 Link Party and FeaturesMy Profile

    • Ha! That’s hilarious. I am in NO ways similar to a 1950′s housewife as I don’t love cooking, baking, or cleaning. I do like to sew, and I like this apron. Maybe I should turn it into a crafting apron because I DO love to craft! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for a great party last night! Hope you’re having a great week!


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