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September 19, 2014
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September continues, but actually … it is still Summer.  Well, it is for a couple more days, right??

After a fun 12 weeks of highlighting some of our favorite bloggers this Summer, we’re now turning the spotlight on each other!  This week, I am excited to share a little more about Susan from Oh My! Creative.

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Hi there!  It’s Katie from View From The Fridge, and I’m excited and honored to highlight Susan from Oh My! Creative this week.  I have admired Susan’s blog for quite a while, so you can imagine how excited I was to join her team as a contributor earlier this year.  She is somewhat of a blogging mentor for me, and I’ve loved getting to know more about her and her blog for the past year!


Susan is one creative lady!  Her blog is really two things … a personal blog where she shares a little glimpse into her life, as well as a creative outlet where she shares all of her DIY projects, gardening tips, and party ideas (she’s quite the hostess)!  On the personal side of things, she has two beautiful children.  Her daughter is off in college, and has been spending some time lately traveling around Europe!  Susan even had to opportunity to meet up with hear earlier this Spring for a little European vacation!  Susan’s second child, her son, Ryan, just turned 18!  He was born with severe disabilities, but as Susan says, shows so much love!  You can read more about Susan’s journey raising a child with disabilities here.  As she mentions, her story is sad at times, trying to say the least, but has shaped her into the person she is today.  It’s a touching, heartfelt story that really puts things into perspective.  Having a bad day?  Frustrated with potty training?  After reading this you’ll have a whole new outlook.  It was incredibly brave of Susan to put herself out there and share such personal information with the blogging world, but it makes me respect her as a person, blogger, and fellow DIY’er even more!

I love this picture of Susan and her son:

Now, I mentioned that Susan is creative, but let me lay it out for you in more detail …

First of all, she is quite the gardener.  I love these two projects below because the end result is stunning, but the process to create them seems easy enough that I could maybe even attempt these next year …

First up … this gorgeous DIY Waterfall and Pond:


Upon receiving professional estimates to have a custom waterfall and pond feature created for her space of $4000 – $5000, Susan finally decided to DIY for less than $500!  See the full tutorial here.

Next up, this genius idea to keep vegetables separated … A Garden Spiral Garden.  It was even featured last summer on the Huffington Post Home Site!  Practical AND very pretty … perfect solution!


See more of her gardening ideas here.

Recently, this awesome upcycle project caught my eye as it was popping up all over blogland.  Susan created a Vintage Chair Drink Stand, and it’s just beautiful (and quite a unique conversation piece)!

Vintage Chair Drink Stand


Since it’s nearly Fall (and already is starting to feel like it), I thought I’d share this awesome Autumn Leaf Lighting idea from Susan.  So simple, but the effect is stunning and festive!

Autumn Leaf Lighting

From reading Susan’s blog, it’s clear to me that she loves holidays, and Halloween appears to be one of her favorites!

Check out this cute  Spider Garland (featured recently in Readers Digest!):

Darling, amiright?!?!  Who knew Spiders could be so cute?

And I couldn’t pass up sharing these other two awesome Halloween ideas from Susan:


Chocolate Spider Web Martini

DIY Skull Candles

 Moving on to Christmas, I just love the idea of this DIY Holiday Ice Lantern!  Since I’m up here in Minnesota, these would work out great (as it’s always usually below freezing during entire month of December).



We’ve all probably been to (or at least heard of) an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, right?  But, I’ve never been to one where the wine glasses participate!  I absolutely LOVE these Ugly Christmaas Sweater Wine Glasses that Susan made for a Holiday party!


I told you Susan loved holidays and entertaining, so moving right along, here’s a great idea for your next St. Patrick’s Day Party:  Over The Rainbow Drinks!

St. Patrick's Day Drink Idea  |  OH My Creative

Over The Rainbow Drink Idea

Seriously … I would have never thought to line the rims with rainbow colored sprinkles!  Kids AND adults would get a kick out of this!

Now, we cant forget Cinco De Mayo!  Susan created these awesome DIY Cinco De Mayo Chili Pepper Poms with tissue paper!  Now, I’ve seen the tutorials to make the tissue paper Poms (the round ones), but this is a whole new level of cool!  Such a great idea!!

DIY Chili Pepper Pom |  Oh My Creative


And finally, since it is still technically Summer, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite posts… these Red, White, and Blue Patriotic Pops!  So colorful, festive, and refreshing (all without using food coloring … only fruit)!

REd, White, and Blue Patriotic Pops  |  Oh My Creative


I told you she’s one crafty and creative lady!  For more great ideas, you can follow Susan on Oh My! Creative as well as her social media sites:

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If you enjoyed this feature about Susan at Oh My! Creative you may want to check out the other bloggers we’ve featured in the Summer Spotlight. You can also visit our Summer Spotlight Pinterest board to view all the great ideas we’ve shared so far this summer.

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