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February 13, 2015

This post brought to you by Similac® StrongMoms®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of View From The Fridge.

Finding out you’re expecting is probably definitely, hands down, the most exciting news you will ever receive. Don’t worry, though, I’m not announcing another of our pregnancies today (Matt, Mom … you can wipe that shocked look off your faces and start breathing again), but we have been fortunate to receive that very news three times. Pregnancy, delivery, and that first year of raising your little one are full of joy, excitement, amazement, and wonder (oh … and some a lot of exhaustion). You will feel more love than you ever knew possible. This time is also chalk full of firsts. And situations where you don’t know whether to panic or celebrate. “Is this normal?” is pretty much an everyday thought in most expecting or new moms minds (or even in the minds of third time moms).

My three biggest lessons learned along the way (at least so far) are:

1. Read as much as you can BEFORE baby arrives. Read all about your pregnancy, but also read about raising a newborn. Don’t wait until you have a newborn (because you probably won’t have time). Read about the different schedules, the different sleeping routines, tricks, and philosophies. Read about nutrition and different feeding methods. Read, read, read. And go into this adventure well informed!!

2. Document everything. Take a picture of the positive pregnancy test. Take a picture of your belly at first moment of finding out, and each month along the way. Take a picture of your growing baby bump during holidays, special events, and with various family members. Then, when that baby finally makes an appearance, you’ll need another 1000 pictures. The first time holding him/her. Your first family picture. The hospital room. The doctor. Dad’s first diaper change. Baby’s first bath. Leaving the hospital. Meeting your family dog for the first time. Checking out his/her crib for the first time. Okay … you get the picture. Document everything. You’ll be on to the next stage before you even realize it.

3. Enjoy every minute. Period. I can’t tell you how much I miss those first few days and months with Owen. Everything was so new. So precious. And so amazing. Fast forward, and my third baby is almost not a baby anymore (gasp). Knowing that he could very well be the last one makes me a little sad, so I’m taking this piece of advice to heart and trying my hardest to enjoy every minute of this time (amongst the chaos).

Where is this all going?

Well, first … did you see the Similac MotherHood Commercial during the Superbowl?!?

If not, check it out here (it’s absolutely hilarious … and if you’re a mother, you can totally relate):

Similac StrongMoms program is a wonderful program that offers information, resources, and savings to ALL moms. Whatever your choices, whatever your parenting philosophy is, and whatever feeding methods you choose … this program is designed to support you. No judgments, just information. And some freebies and coupons which are always welcome (by ALL moms).

Right now, and for the next couple days, Similac StrongMoms is hosting a fabulous giveaway. This Strong Moms Giveaway has some absolutely amazing prizes, and if you’re an expecting mom (or a mom with a newborn) … this is perfect for you!

This “Capturing Memories from Bump to Baby Giveaway” has all you need to make your memories last a lifetime:


The GRAND PRIZE Winner will receive a gift pack worth over $15,000! Ummm … do you know how awesome this would be?!?

Here are the details:

Giveaway ends 2/16

Grand Prize includes:

  • 3 Professional Photo Shoots
  • Canon® EOS Camera and Lens Kit
  • Medela® Pump in Style Breast Pump
  • $500 Shutterfly® Gift Card
  • A GoPro® Hero 3 Camera
  • A 13-inch MacBook
  • Adobe Photoshop® Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere® Elements 12
  • Beginnings Baby Record Book
  • $500 Pickles & Ice Cream® Gift Cards
  • A What to Expect When You’re Expecting® Book Set

Lots of great information for all that are reading … and lots of equipment to document all the memories!!

You can also win instantly by entering! Over 300 lucky moms will receive:

  • Similac® Prenatal Vitamins
  • Similac® for Supplementation Formula
  • Shutterfly® Gift Cards
  • Snoogle® Full Body Pillows
  • Beginnings Baby Record Book
  • Medela® Pump in Style Breast Pump
  • A What to Expect When You’re Expecting® Book Set

By entering you will receive the benefits of emails with tips and tools, nutritional guidance for a healthy pregnancy, infant formula savings, samples and partner offers, nutrition information for mom and baby, check lists, tools (like the diaper decoder and tummy trouble tool) which are all available through the program/website.

Be sure to hurry over to the Strong Moms Giveaway today and enter before February 16th! And … you can enter once a day!! Why not increase your odds of that awesome prize pack, huh? See additional rules.

Can we just look back at my bump to baby memories (humor me here …):

Bumps …

To Babies …

Now, I want to know:

What is your favorite memory of your bump-to-baby time(s)? And what makes YOU a strong mom?

​Leave your memory in the comments below! {and also any recommendations and/or thoughts on having a fourth baby!!}

If you’re expecting or a new mom … congrats and best wishes in the giveaway!

Thanks for stopping by!

“The designers and manufactures whose products are featured in the giveaway are neither sponsors of nor affiliated in any way with this giveaway, nor do they endorse products or services of others included within the prize. All trademarks and service marks included on such products or services are property of the respective designers and manufactures.”

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