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Red and White Christmas Decor

December 13, 2013

Happy {late afternoon} Friday!  The weekend is moments away … hooray!!!

I can happily say, Christmas decorating is DONE for this year!

Do you believe me?  I’m not entirely sure I do, but for now … I have no other decorating projects planned for this year (Christmas is less than two weeks away, so I guess that’s a good thing).  Ahhhh … {big sigh.. }

I finished my Green and Gold mantel last week.  Check out how that turned out here.

This week was dedicated to the red and white room.  I must say, I think I like red and white better than the green and gold, but see for yourself …

Here’s our main wall in our family/living room.  This room is in the middle of a million other projects (not Christmas related), so I had to work around some of that, but here’s what I came up with:

Red and White Mantel

Red and White Mantel

The back wall is OLD bead board and needs to be replaced (so try to ignore that … or pretend I’m going for a rustic/vintage/weathered look).  I hung my thrifty Rudolph frames on either side of the TV to add a little color.  Our stockings are red and green, which didn’t fit into my color scheme as well as I hoped, but oh well.  Maybe I’ll look for new ones on clearance after Christmas for next year (hey, we’re going to need another one, anyway).

After looking at these pictures, I noticed something odd about our deer family of stocking hooks.  We have two ‘children’ deer, and two adult deer (like our family).  Problem is, both of our adult deer are male (hence the antlers).  I think we originally had a matching set of three, and I picked up another similar one once Charlie came along (thus they were not sold as a set).  I may try to remove the antlers from my deer that should really be female.  Or maybe I’ll just ignore it … since I’m sure nobody else cares.  Probably the ladder.

I picked up that red lantern from Mama’s Happy last week.  I love it!  It looks super old up close (probably is), and the red is just perfect for this room (for Christmas at least)!  I  picked up some red ‘balls’ at Bachman’s (home/garden center in Mpls area) earlier this month.  My mom bought me a bunch of poinsettias around Thanksgiving time for $1 each on sale at Home Depot.  I put them in some white pots I already had, used a white cake pan for some height, and stuck some red berries in another white vase I had around the house.

Another shot of the right side of the mantel:

Red and White Christmas Decor |  View From The Fridge

and another …

Red and White Christmas Decor |  View From The Fridge

On the left side of the mantel and bookcases, we added a little … ‘flair’ to our dog figurine (that my Grandpa made hand carved).  Now he kinda looks like a Rudolph dog, don’t ya think?

Red and White Christmas Decor |  View From The Fridge

We also have a white Ikea frame on this side of the bookcases to cover up some electronics (cords, plug ins, DVR, cable box, etc).  It usually has the words to our first dance song (What A Wonderful World) in it, but the colors are mainly orange and navy.  Didn’t looks so great with the red and white.  We swapped that out for some festive polar bear wrapping paper from Papyrus, and I added some letters to jazz it up a bit.

Now it fits in better with the Christmas decor:

Red and White Christmas Decor |  View From The Fridge

My other purchase last week at Mama’s Happy, was this sign.  I love it!  Looks like I could of made it (but I gladly paid $14 for it knowing I’d never actually make one … at least one this cute).  The star is actual metal adhered to the wood!

Red and White Christmas Decor |  View From The Fridge

Mantel Complete:

Red and White Christmas Decor |  View From The Fridge

The rest of the room was fairly simple …

I added some red and white wreaths to the windows (straw wreath forms covered with red and white/cream burlap ribbon):

Red and white wreaths

Red and white wreaths

Here’s a slightly better picture of them:

Molly refused to move for the picture ...

Molly refused to move for the picture …

I swapped out my grey lampshade for this red one that I already had on hand (from when Charlie’s room was Red, White, and Blue … read a little about that here).  I also added a poinsettia in a white ceramic pitcher that I had to the side table.

I swapped out my normal pillow covers in orange and navy, for some red and white ones:

Festive PIllows

Festive PIllows

And lastly, I tried to add some color to the corner of the room (I was half successful):

Yarn Covered Pine Cones

Yarn Covered Pine Cones

I saw this idea on Teal and Lime’s blog.  Jackie’s look much better than mine … I love how hers turned out!  Maybe I’ll find a new home for these guys.  Hanging in this corner just isn’t working.

Oh well …

My other ‘mantel’ near this room also is red and white (though I stole the bear for the living room).  More poinsettias, balls, and my white Anthro inspired wreath.

Red and White Mantel | View From The Fridge

That’s it!  Now we can enjoy our Christmas decor (for a couple more weeks, at least).  Now I just have to make/buy presents (all of them!!), address and send out Christmas cards, bake some cookies, go see Santa, go see Christmas lights, attend a couple Christmas parties, and practice Owen’s songs with him for the Preschool Christmas program at Church.  No problem …  ha!

We really are having a great holiday season so far.  Hope you all are, too.  Happy Holidays!

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  • Reply Bre December 14, 2013 at 2:06 am

    Looks great! I love your style. Merry Christmas!

    • Reply Katie December 15, 2013 at 5:33 am

      Thanks, Bre! Glad to be done for this year! Hope you’re having a great season! Merry Christmas!

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