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September 17, 2013

I have an obsession with white.  Actually, I have an obsession with three colors at the moment;  white, gold, and orange.  However … gold and orange may be a bit of a trend, so I’ll leave those to mainly accessorizing.  White is always in style (right?).  It’s a classic.  It’s clean.  It’s modern.  And it’s a great background for any color of accessories (if I change my mind, or feel like decorating with the season … white always works as a base).  Someone please come paint my entire house white.  Inside and out.  Please.  It can’t happen quickly enough, and any of you with little children know painting is not a task that moves ‘quickly’ on any stretch of the imagination.  I would love an all-white exterior with white trim, our green roof, and then a fun color front door.  I would also like every room in my house to be white (with the exception of a few ‘accent’ walls in light grey or a fun wallpaper).

Let me show you some examples of my dream kitchens, and then maybe you’ll be on board with my all white obsession (at least for the kitchen).

How fantastic is this one from The Inspired Room??

Great use of one of my other color obsessions!

and this one with pops of blue and yellow (source unknown:

Love the dark floors here, too.

Love the dark floors here, too.

Eventually, an awesome backsplash (again, source unknown,


We’ll make an all-white kitchen, and then I’ll need fresh flowers on display at all times.  Love how these purple flowers pop:


And one last one from Young House Love:

YHL 'House Crash' kitchen

YHL ‘House Crash’ kitchen

In the two years we’ve lived in our house, we’ve painted twice (lightning fast progress, huh?).  We painted the living room book cases white (a project that was WAY more time consuming than we thought):

Living Room Before

Living Room Before


Living Room progress (sorry...don't have a more current picture less tape, wires, and with new accessories)

Living Room progress (sorry…don’t have a more current picture less tape, wires, and with new accessories)

White painting round two was this past weekend.  We painted the kitchen white.  Well….half the kitchen.  We started off just really wanting to paint the brick ‘tower’ in our kitchen white to freshen it up a bit, but then decided to take on the entire blue part of our kitchen.

Let me back up a bit…

Our house came with this sign painted on the brick in our kitchen.  When we first moved in, I actually kinda loved it!  Over the years, however, I sort of wanted the brick to look clean and fresh.  If the sign could have been moved, we totally would found a new home for it, but since it was painted on…we had no choice.

Here it is:

Cold Beer here!

Cold Beer here!

Here it goes:

Too late now...

Too late now…

A couple before pictures of the kitchen (the blue has got. to. go … actually all the colors on the wall need to become white):

Blue can go!

Blue can go!


And here are a couple ‘afters’ (note:  I say ‘afters’, but they’re really ‘in-process’ pictures now, as there’s plenty still to be done):

Most of the blue is gone!

Most of the blue is gone!


After we painted our first coat, Owen walked downstairs the next morning and the first thing he said was, “Oh, I like the new wall you got, Mom.”  Thanks Owen.

And finally, we hung my chalkboard/clipboard/magnetic board that I got from Mama’s Happy earlier this summer.  I’ve been waiting for this to find a home!!!  What do you think:

Love that this is finally out of the closet!!

Love that this is finally out of the closet!!

We still have some work to on the west wall (paint the insides of those cabinets and the doors).   Put that on the list for next weekend!  The white we choose is a Valspar paint color matched to Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White.  I love, love, love this shade of white.  It’s a warm white, but not too yellowy or beigey.  I hate beige.

Now with the walls white, our next mission is the trim.  Guess what color … white.  Add that to the list, too.

After that, we just have a {small} kitchen to-do list:

  • Paint the yellow walls white
  • Paint the green part of the ceiling white
  • Pendant lights above island?
  • Paint the inside of the cabinets
  • Install new backsplash
  • Get new barstools (we’ll need some color here, I think)
  • New rugs all around
  • Obtain/make/purchase some new artwork
  • A new fun pendant light for over the table.
  • And lastly … refinish the floors in a dark stain.

Easy right?

At least we’re making progress, right?  Slowly…very slowly, but surely.

As for painting brick…we learned a couple things as we went along.  Here are some tips for anyone else planning to take this challenge on (and I do recommend it….huge difference):

  • Vacuum and wipe the brick down with a wet towel/rag before you begin painting.  You don’t want to permanently paint those spider webs into your wall.  Also, your paint will be much less likely to chip later if your brick is relatively dust free.
  • Plan for WAY more paint than you would a normal wall.  That brick is porous!!  I’d say at least three times the amount.
  • Use a larger ‘nap’ roller and roll on the first coat.  You will most likely have a lot of the in-betweens that got missed.
  • Follow behind with a small roller that you can push into the mortar.  I literally resorted to soaking the small roller in paint and smushing it (technical term here) into the cracks like a stamp.  From there I smoothed it out a couple times.  Just make sure you keep going back over to make sure there are no drips.  The painted brick is going to have a rough texture when done anyway, but drip marks will be noticeable (and super annoying).
  • The edges near walls and ceilings will need to be done with a brush.  Again, soak that brush, slather it on, and then smooth out (opposite advice as painting normal walls).
  • And lastly … the first coat is BY FAR the worst.  It gets much better.  I promise.

I would love to see any other inspiring white rooms, painted brick, white exteriors.  Send ‘em my way if you have some good ones to share!


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