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I’ve got a preschooler!

September 10, 2013

Big News in the Stahl household?  Owen’s first day of school.  Well actually Preschool.  Well actually Practice Preschool, but we’re so excited!!  I’m mainly excited that Owen is excited.  It’s so nice to be the parent of a kiddo that isn’t screaming when it’s time to say goodbye.  Mostly all we know is being on the other side of this …  I guess O is ready for school!  No tears.  Just one hug and a little smile from Owen, and we were allowed to leave.  Hooray!  Such a relief!!!

We packed up his backpack this morning with all the essentials … pillow pet and a random book to weigh it down a bit.  Essentials I tell you!  Owen was waiting with shoes on about 20 minutes before we had to leave.  All smiles.  Yay!!!


My Preschooler!

My Preschooler!

We made it to school, and found his locker.  Who knew preschoolers got a locker?  I’m pretty sure I didn’t get one until high school.

His locker

His locker

Off to Ms. Farmer’s room to meet his new ‘buddies’.  He has 10 other boys in his class and one girl.  Lucky her!  He should get his fill of trucks, tractors, and firetrucks with this crew!  He designed some artwork for his locker …  Painting with fruit!  So fun, I couldn’t resist helping.  Just a bit.

Fruit painting!

Fruit painting!

So … we’ll label this one as a success!

Headed home.  Still smiling!!

Headed home. Still smiling!!

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