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How our Family uses Essential Oils

May 29, 2015
How Our Family Uses Essential Oil for a happier, healthy life! | View From The Fridge

In a way, this post makes me laugh.  And that’s mostly because if you would have asked me a year ago (or even 6 months ago), about Essential Oils I would have told you that I like the smell of lavender and I like my grapefruit infused candle that I bought from Whole Foods.  That was the extent of my knowledge about them.  Basically … I knew they smelled nice (at least the few I had come into contact with), and never really gave them any more thought.

Oh …. was I wrong!  I’m slightly obsessed with them now.  As I read more and do more research, and as I continue to use them for more and more purposes around the house … it shocks me that I lived without these oils!  Seriously … I was a huge skeptic about the ‘healing’ properties and health benefits of Essential Oils.  I mean … it sounded nice, but how on earth could you cure an ear infection with plant oils?!?  Now … I use them to help all of us sleep, to relieve and soothe sore throats, to instantly energize me (instead of an afternoon cup of coffee), to get my morning started right, and to help my skin and body feel rejuvenated and healthy.

Since this is my place to share things I’m passionate about, I thought it would be fitting to give you a little peak at how our family currently uses the oils.  If nothing more than to give you a little perspective on the oils and maybe to spur your curiosity on what they do and how to use them (so you can do more research if it happens to be something that you’re interested in).

How Our Family Uses Essential Oil for a happier, healthy life! | View From The Fridge

And … before I start, I’ll warn you that these are just the uses we’ve tried.  There are SO MANY more great things you can do with the oils if you do a little research.  Also … we only use Young Living oils, and if you’re planning on ingesting them or using them on your skin … it is crucial that you do your research to ensure that you are using a reputable and pure oil.

So … here we go …


50 Great Ways to Use Essential Oils! View From The Fridge

  • WE ADD IT TO WATER!  I start the day (every day) with two large glasses of water.  Water before anything.  Even coffee.  I posted a while ago about all the benefits of drinking Lemon Water each day.  Throughout the day, however … I love several different oil infused glasses of water!  Grapefruit, Lime, Orange … even Peppermint are a couple of my favorites.  Not only do they make water a little more exciting, but they also seem to curb cravings and help keep my sweet tooth at bay!
  • REFRESHING TREAT!  Or … on those hot summer afternoons, how about making some Lavender Lemonade for a sweet treat?


  • COOK & BAKE WITH IT!  Substitute Lemon Essential Oil for any recipe calling for lemon rind!  Add Peppermint to anything chocolate (i.e. brownies).  Lime for mexican dishes (or margaritas!).
  • FORTIFY AND REPLENISH:  I LOVE, LOVE NingXia Red.  It’s a supplement that comes in ‘drink’ form.  I take couple ounces a day of this powerful anti-oxidant!  I’ve even been known to add it to some red wine.  NingXia Sangria?!?  #healthydrinking  17514602603_87bb987316_z


Homemade Restorative Face Mask. Better than Botox, and at 40 cents .... WAAAY better than a face lift! Only three ingredients!! Via View From The Fridge


  • FACIAL MASK:  Did I scare you?  Sorry to your eyeballs, but one of my favorite thing to make is this Restorative Face Mask.  I’d also like to give this Papaya & Lime DIY Brightening Mask a try one of these days!
  • FACE CREAM:  I use this Homemade Face Cream … every day.  Actually … twice every day.  And I am in love.  It has Frankincense which helps keep skin looking young (minimizes those wrinkles, as well as heaping to minimize scarring); Lavender to soothe and rejuvenate, Lemon and Tea Tree to tone and provide anti-bacterial properties.  Elemi Essential Oils is next on my list to order in June!  It has wonderful anti-aging properties and is great for skin, too!
Easy recipe for absolutely FABULOUS Homemade Face Cream. All Natural! Via View From The Fridge


  • ASTRINGENT:  In addition to the cream, I also have started to use a DIY Facial Astringent to clean, soothe, and tone my skin.
  • MUSCLE CREAM:  Matt and I use a mixture of coconut oil whipped up with PanAway Essential Oil Blend to ease sore muscles.  For details on this mixture, check out this post:  Relieve Sore Muscles Naturally from Little Miss Dexterous
  • REDUCE CELULITE: I use a combo of Grapefruit, Juniper, and Fennel Essential oils combined with coconut oil on the backs of my upper thighs.  Because it’s just a bit too bumpy and lumpy back there, if you know what I mean … (and sorry for that mental image)
  • BYE BYE STRETCH MARKS:  I combine Gentle Baby Oil Blend with coconut oil and oil up my belly (that currently looks like Ben clawed his way right out).  I have faith that the appearance of these ‘battle wounds’ is lessening application by application.
  • FOOT SOAK:  And there’s this awesome Stress Relieving Foot Soak that I like to treat myself on occasion.
  • A SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE IN THE SHOWER:  I add a couple drops of Eucalyptus Oil to the corners of my shower each morning.  The steam combines with the oil and fills my shower with an uplifting, spa-like scent that helps me start the day out relaxed, energized, and feeling just a bit pampered (even if all three kids and the dog all happen to be in the bathroom with me #noprivacy).
  • LIP BALM:  Looking for all natural lip balm? Moisture Intense Lip Balm from The Simply Luxe Life:


  • AIR FRESHENER:  I live in a house full of boys.  Enough said.  This two ingredient air freshener is great for the bathroom, the car, and the boys’ bedroom! DIY Homemade Air Fresheners! Great for homes AND cars!! Only two ingredients ... couldn't be easier!


  • SLEEP WELL:  I diffuse lavender every night.   I love the smell and it promotes restful sleep.  I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity (if you have to pick), so I protect those precious hours that I am asleep each night!
  • PURIFY THE AIR / BOOST IMMUNITY:  I also diffuse Thieves when there’s the slightest hint of a bug going around (or at any symptoms of colds, cough, etc).


Why use the TOXIC store bought dryer sheets?!? These DIY Homemade Dryer Sheets only require a couple ingredients and are SO MUCH healthier for your family! From View From The Fridge

  • DIY DRYER SHEETS:  The very first thing I made with my oils was DIY Dryer Sheets, and I’m so glad I did!  Store-bought dryer sheets are really one of the most toxic, chemical filled thing in your home?  Although they leave your clothes smelling ‘fresh’, they really are coating them with harmful substances that you don’t want on your body (or your kiddo’s bodies)!
  • LAUNDRY DETERGENT:  We’ve also started making our own liquid laundry detergent!  I’ll post the details of our concoction soon, but here’s another great tutorial:  Chemical Free Liquid Laundry Detergent:

Liquid Laundry Detergent

  • WASHING MACHINE CLEANER:  Cleaning our washing machine from time to time (great tutorial HERE).


  • ANTI-BAC CREAM (DIY Neosporin):  We use this for all cuts and scrapes (and even other ‘boo-boos’ that the boys think might be fixed by applying this).  Chick HERE for the recipe and details.DIY Ouch Cream! Like All Natural Neosporin! Anti Bacterial and Healing! Via View From The Fridge
  • HEADACHE RELIEVER:  Peppermint applied to the temples and across the forehead.
  • UPSET STOMACH SOOTHER:  A couple drops of Peppermint Oil in a tall glass of water helps immediately!
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER:  A couple drops of Thieves under the tongue or in a glass of water to help your body get and stay healthy!
  • AN ENTIRE SUMMER SURVIVAL KIT:  We haven’t made all of these just yet, but we’re working on building up our medicine cabinet … especially for summer … with all natural remedies:  Bee Sting Soother. All Natural Bug Spray, Spider Repellant, Bug Repellant BRACELET, After Sun Soother,

>>  FOR THE KIDS  <<

  • SLEEP HELP:  We’ve used Gentle Baby Oil Blend as well as Lavender Oil to help our kiddos sleep better at night.  I rub a little lavender oil on the bigger boys’ feet each night.  I’ve also used a drop of lavender OR Gentle Baby Oil combined with coconut oil on Ben’s feet to help him sleep through the night (finally!!).
  • EAR ACHE / EAR INFECTION RELIEF: I used an empty oil bottle, my rollerball top, and filled it half way full of olive oil, then added 5 drops each of:  Lavender, Purification, PanAway, Thieves, and Lemon.  At the first sign of ear discomfort in Ben, I rub the blend along the outside of his ears, the back of his ears, and down his neck (over lymph nodes).  The result is almost immediate (the PanAway helps to relieve pain on contact, and the other oils help to promote healing).  We haven’t been to the doctor since!
  • DIAPER CREAM:  Same recipe as ‘Ouch Cream’ above works wonders for diaper rash or sore little baby bottoms!
  • BATH TIME:  We love adding lavender to the kids’  nighttime baths.  Heck … I even like adding them to MY bath (you know, the one time a year I actually take a bath).  Taking it a step further, though, you could make your own Calming Bubble Bath with all natural ingredients!
  • THE ENTIRE PACKAGE!:  Young Living has an exclusive collection of all the best Kid’s Oil Blends called Kid’s Scents.  From tummy problems, to sleep issues, and general temperament, this collection helps make our jobs as moms just a bit easier!  We love ALL OF THESE blends and use them daily.

>>  CLEANING  <<




  • KEEP FLOWERS LONGER:  I add a couple drops of Purification Oil to my vases of fresh cut flowers and they last an incredibly longer amount of time than normal (and since I don’t have fresh flowers all too often (hint, hint, Matt), the longer I can keep them around, the better!).
  • MENTAL CONCENTRATION:  With the limited amount of time I have to focus, I have used Clarity Essential Oil Blend to keep me on task and efficient.
  • EASE ANXIETY:  Every now and then, anxiety creeps up on me (driving seems to trigger it … ).  To help ease those anxious feelings, or prevent them entirely, I’ve been using Angelica Essential Oil, and it works wonders!  I carry a bottle in my purse … just in case I need some while driving (or while anywhere else).  Simply inhaling it works, but also placing some on my temples, a drop behind my ears, or on my temples also work great!
  • INCREASE ENERGY:  All citrus oils are wonderfully uplifting and I diffuse in the afternoons when my energy usually takes a nose dive.  I also love the blend En-R-Gee for an added boost right when I need it!
  • REACH YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL:  That sounds good, right?  A couple months ago I purchased Highest Potential Oil and I use it whenever I’m headed out to social and/or business situations.  Anywhere I want to be on point, clear, and engaging.


Stress Relief Playdough perfect for spelling practice_zpsnyvlndid

Last year, we gave DIY play dough a try and have never (and will never) go back to the store-bought kind!  This year, however, we’re upping our game and trying out this scented, stress relieving recipe with essential oils!

I continue to find more and more uses for my oils as I read, learn, and talk with others about their experiences.  I truly, truly believe that these oils have powerful abilities to help us live healthy and happy lives with fewer and fewer chemicals.  I promise … I was a skeptic just 6 months ago, but now I’m fully and completely on board with the benefits of Essential Oils.  I’ve seen it … right before my formerly skeptic eyes!


If you’re interested in finding out more, or giving Essential Oils a try, we have an awesome offer this month!  With the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit, you’ll receive 11 of the most popular oils and blends (many of the oils I mentioned above that are a part of our daily routines), a diffuser, samples of other oils, NingXia Red, and a roller ball.  Along with all this, I’ll also send you an education pack to help you become familiar with your oils and ideas and recipes to try!  Click HERE for more information, or shoot me a message with any questions your have!

Essential Oil Starter Kit from Young Living ... Awesome Deal!

Happy Weekend!  Stop back next week for all kinds of summer inspired projects as we head in to June!  Yay!!


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