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Halloween 2013

November 1, 2013
Now Charlie is worried about the leaf blower...

And just like that…It’s over!   Trick or treating is done.  Costumes are muddy.  Halloween 2013 has passed, and now it’s November!  I’m pretty sure Owen has been talking about all things Halloween for months.  He is obsessed with candy.  Must get that from his dad (yeah right).  Now that it’s over, everything we do seems to be a negotiation.  “You can have one piece of candy on the way to Target … if you eat a good breakfast, brush your teeth, and put on your shoes.”  OR (said as I type this), “If you play nicely with your brother until storytime, you can pick out ONE piece of candy.”  I’m pretty sure the experts would frown on my recent bribing parenting techniques.  Oh well.  It’s also the time of year where I become a big thief.  “They’ll never notice if I eat ONE Reese’s Peanut Butter cup … ”  That one actually becomes three by the time naptime is over.  Oops.

Earlier this month, I mentioned that the boys (or at least Charlie) wanted to be the Lorax from Dr. Seuss.  We could have purchased the $70 costumes from Pottery Barn OR… attempt to make our own.  I choose the latter..  Then Owen decided he also wanted to be the Lorax, so two furry orange costumes were on order.

Here’s how they turned out …

My two Loraxes!

My two Loraxes!

Ready for some trick or treating:

Owen is a little concerned about daddy and the leaf blower...

Owen is a little concerned about daddy and the leaf blower…

One more shot:


Now Charlie is worried about the leaf blower...

Now Charlie is worried about the leaf blower…

I tried to convince them to carry their mustaches around all night, but that lasted approximately 22 seconds.  Don’t they know the mustache makes the costume?!?

For comparison … here’s a shot of the Pottery Barn costume:


Pottery Barn's take on The Lorax

Pottery Barn’s take on The Lorax

Theirs is pretty cute.  Must be the matching orange shoes :).  Side note, PBK:  In the movie, The Lorax did not have a furry yellow belly (just sayin’)!

Back when we started this project, they both LOVED the Lorax (as I mentioned previously).  However, apparently they reached their limit somewhere between then and now, and by the time Halloween rolled around, they were sick of the Lorax.  Oh well, they still had a great time.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, too! Welcome to November … time to start thinking about Thanksgiving!  Love this time of year!!

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  • Reply shelly heubel July 1, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Could you send me the details on how you made this please? Havimg a birthday party. Thanks a bunch!

  • Reply Katie October 20, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Hi I was wondering if you could send me a message on how you made their costumes… They are adorable!! And my almost 2 year old daughter is obessed with the lorax and all the costumes are no longer available except an 80 used one that’s too big for her on eBay :( thanks in advanced! …. Katie

    • Reply Katie October 31, 2014 at 1:38 pm

      Oh, Katie … I’m so, so, sorry for not responding earlier. Our house is a bit of a mess right now as all three little ones seem to have forgotten how to sleep. I can barely remember what day it is these past couple weeks. Anyway, I know it’s way too late since today is Halloween, but I basically bought a pattern at Joann for a kids costume that involved a all-in-one body suit and a hat. Then, I just made it out of orange fleece. It was pretty easy with the pattern. Then, I just got a yellow feather boa from Joann to use for the eyebrows (hot glued ’em on to the hat), and for the mustache (glued ’em onto a wooden dowel).

      Again … I am so sorry to be so unhelpful! I hope you guys figured something out, and I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!!

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