Five Inexpensive Home Repair Projects To Try This Weekend!

May 2, 2015
Five Inexpensive Home Repair Projects to Try This Weekend

Just what you wanted … additional items to add to the weekend honey-do list, right?  I know, I know, but bear with me here.  These five tips and repairs will help keep your home looking and running at it’s best … without spending an arm and a leg.

They’re also things that aren’t necessarily ‘exciting’ and might not always make it to the top of your list, but things that can be updated and fixed early to avoid more major repairs down the road.

Do you know that, according to some sources, you should budget 1% of the value of your home per year on just maintenance?  Let’s say your home is worth $300,000.  You would then want to budget $3,000 per year (or $250 per month) on just maintenance.  Not fun remodels.  Not new furnishings.  Not new accessories.  And not that fabulous DIY Coat Rack you made yesterday (see yesterday’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about).  This 1% should just be reserved for those unglamorous and less exciting maintenance projects.  You know … like replacing the broken toilet, patching chipped paint, power washing the deck … okay, Matt happens to think this one is very exciting, or patching your driveway.

So … just because you don’t have a huge sum of money set aside to fix everything in your home and get it into tip top shape, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything.  Here are five projects to try this weekend to keep your home running (and looking) good!  Whip that home into shape with these ideas:

1. Replace Old Light Bulbs With Energy Efficient Ones.

Five Inexpensive Home Repair Projects to Try This Weekend

Well, duh, some of you might say, but it’s not always the top priority for everyone (including, ahem, yours truly).  Spend a little … to save a little more down the road, and help the environment!   “Go green” and “Sustainability” and “Eco-Friendly” seem to be trendy phrases these days and for good reason.  It’s the little things we can do and the small changes we can make that add up for the good of the planet.  One easy way you can be more environment friendly is to replace your old light bulbs with new, energy efficient bulbs. In addition to making your house look well kept and well maintained, energy efficient bulbs will save you money. Although the initial investment in energy efficient bulbs is greater than what you would’ve spent for a traditional bulb, you will typically use anywhere from 25%-80% less energy with your new bulbs. This will help you keep more money in your wallet (or bank account) in the long run. Energy efficient bulbs also tend to last 3-25 times longer than regular bulbs (read:  more money saved down the road).

2. Patch Any Cracks or Gaps In Your Sidewalk or Walkway

Five Inexpensive Home Repair Projects to Try This Weekend

Okay … the picture might not fit, but I just like it.  But let’s be serious again … when you have gaps or cracks form here in the cement or concrete on your pathways, they can expand quickly.  Nothing makes a better first impression on your guests than one of them tripping over a large crack in your front walkway.  At a minimum, the cracks and gaps detract from the appeal of your home.  They give the impression of a home in need of maintenance and repair … and let’s face it:  Most of us don’t want that to be the first thing someone sees when they bring their kiddo over for a play date!  Luckily, patching these cracks and gaps is relatively inexpensive and easy to do (especially if you catch them while they’re small).

3. Paint.

I love paint.  I really love WHITE paint, but I also just love paint in general.  It makes old things look new.  It makes dingy things look fresh.  And it just makes me happy in general.  And everyone can do it … even my 3 and 4 year olds.  Check it out:

Modern Entryway Makeover with Frog Tape | View From The Fridge

See … I told you. Anyone can paint.

But I’m not just referring to walls (though they’re probably the easiest).  Paint also works wonders on old and icky furniture.  Do you have a piece that is ‘well loved’ but maybe not in the shape it once was?  Or maybe a hand-me-down that is high quality, sturdy, but the style is no longer what you’re going for (hello 1988!)?  I’m telling you … paint is your best friend.  And maybe some sand paper.  And fabric if you’re really getting fancy.  But mostly paint.  Let me inspire you with this super ugly chair that just needed some {WHITE} paint and a little fabric:

Before and After

Before and After

Clean, sand, paint.  That’s really all you need to know about painting furniture.  Or, use chalk paint and skip the whole sanding step all together!  Best part is … paint is cheap!  Relatively.

4. Re-caulk Your Bathroom.

Oftentimes, one of the regions of the home in most dire need of repair is the bathroom. If you think about it, it makes sense.  Cold, hot, wet, damp, dry.  Over and over again each day.  The bathroom tile, grout, walls, and even floors can become discolored, cracked, or dingy looking.  When this happens, you can address the problem by removing old caulk.  Caulk is quite problematic because it can contribute to water leakage and mildew accumulation (especially on the bathroom floor and between the tub). Luckily, you can remove your old caulk, clean up the space, and then replace it with a fresh layer of caulk. You can purchase a great caulk seal for $20 or less, and a high quality brand will last you up to ten years.

5. Replace your Bath Vanity

I have a thing for sinks.  And vanities in general, I guess.  Our home happens to have unique sinks in both bathrooms … which I love (we got lucky when we purchased this home).


Our downstairs vanity

Okay … I realize this last tip isn’t really a necessity for maintaining a home, but it sure does add to your space (and I thought I’d end with a fun one).  It’s a relatively simple thing to replace your vanity and will add so much interest to a place in your home that is frequently visited by you and your guests!

What are your splurges?  What’s the first thing you are planning to replace in your home?  A kitchen appliance?  A new bed?  A bathroom vanity?  New couches for the living room (that’s our top item on the list right now)?

Well … did this list of simple ideas inspire you or make you groan with more added to the to-do list for the weekend??  I hope it’s the former, and I hope you realize that with just a little bit of work, and not a huge sum of money, you can keep your home running in good order!

And save the rest of your budget for fun items, right?!?

Happy Saturday, my friends!  I hope you have a productive day (if that’s what you’re hoping for) … or a relaxing day (as we have planned …).

Thanks for stopping by today!  I’d love to hear any tips or tricks or lessons learned you may have when it comes to home maintenance!


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