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Finding out … and the first week {of knowing the news}

September 22, 2013
And baby three is confirmed!

It was Monday (September 16th, to be exact), I was at work, and something occurred to me … “Could I be Pregnant?”  Once that thought entered my mind, the rest of my day {at work} was all but shot. 

I left work a bit early so I could run to Target to buy a pregnancy test.  I bought three.  You just can’t be too sure. 

When I got home, I told Matt that I thought I might be pregnant, and he was a little shocked, but seemed to roll with it.  I sat through dinner, and then took the test after.

Yep … Preggo!

2-3 weeks, apparently, was what the test told me (this is a new feature since I’ve taken one of these last).  With my math, I was actually 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant.

And baby three is confirmed!

And baby three is confirmed!

I cried a bit, but only for completely selfish reasons.  We were headed to Vegas in a week and a half, Austin, TX for a big music festival two weeks after that, Chicago in a month,  and I just wanted to be able to have a good time, drink a couple cocktails, and most importantly … feel good! 

We really, really wanted a third baby (there was not  doubt in my mind about that), I was just planning on getting pregnant after the whirlwind of events we had planned in the next couple months.  Looking back on my initial reaction, I am embarrassed, ashamed, and I just can’t imagine feeling that way NOW (writing this at 16 weeks pregnant).  I’m blaming the hormones (do they kick in that early on???).

After my selfishness wore off (took until the next day or so…I suck), I was met with another bunch of emotions.  First of all, I was thrilled!  I realize what a blessing being able to have children is.  We’ve never had problems (knock on wood), and I know we are so, so fortunate.  So, among my happiness, all these other thoughts started filling my head:  Where is the baby going to sleep (all of our bedrooms are full)?  We’re going to need a new car (our two cars only fit the two car seats we already have).  What about our insurance … we were supposed to have an 18 month waiting period before our policy would cover a birth (and we’ll be 2 months short of that!!)?  What are our families/friends going to think … that we’re crazy, we can barely take care of the two we have?  What about my work … how am I going to tell them I’m knocked up … again?  What about those 3 glasses of wine (and also maybe a beer or two) I drank at the wedding on Saturday??  Did they do any damage??  Are we going to find out girl vs. boy at 20 weeks?  How am I going to decorate the nursery?  Are my boys going to be sad to share me? 

And then the exhaustion hit … hard.  I always forget how tired I am in the first couple weeks (actually, the whole first trimester, really).  It also could have been the abrupt lack of coffee in my life.  I am usually a two or three cup a day coffee drinker (I know, I know…).  Going cold turkey has got to have some adverse affects, especially in the sleepiness department.

On Wednesday at work, Matt had flowers sent to my office.  It was such a nice gesture, and I had to fight back tears when I read the card.  Explaining what they were for to my coworkers tested by creativity skills (okay, I straight up lied … sorry coworkers).

"Matt just got them for no reason...really...he's just that type of guy"

“Matt just got them for no reason…really…he’s just that type of guy”

No crazy food cravings yet, but I’m pretty sure I could eat a thousand apples right now.  I think that happens every fall, though, so it may have nothing to do with my pregnancy cravings.

As this first week (of knowing the news) drew to a close, I am reminded of something our Pastor said in his sermon the previous week (before we knew about baby #3) …

He said (or quoted from somewhere), “Do you want to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans.”

I’m paraphrasing … I thought it sounded much for profound when he said it, but you get the idea.  It seemed very fitting.  Our ‘plan’ of getting pregnant in a couple months was just not exactly what God had planned.  And now, we really couldn’t be more happy!

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    Aww What a special moment!

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    Awww, this is great! After hearing all about little Ben’s first few weeks, it was awesome to read about when you found out he was on the way. Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings.
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