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December 20, 2013
Toddler handmade wrapping paper

I have six presents actually wrapped, and we still have five days until Christmas. This has got to be a record for me. I’m usually the type who’s still buying presents on the 23rd, wrapping them late into that night with whatever paper I happened to have on hand, just in time for our family’s festivities that start bright and early on the 24th. I’ve even been known to wrap some in Iowa on Christmas morning. Forget bows or even to and from labels … I usually have just written the names right onto the wrapping paper. Festive, huh?

While I’m sure my family really doesn’t care too much about my wrapping, I decided to fancy it up a bit this year. I originally planned to go with a theme … all presents done it a similar color scheme and style, but my indecisiveness hit again, and I decided to do each one a bit different (sound familiar … Christmas decor dilema here, here, and here).

You’ll notice all my presents in this ‘experiment’ are first wrapped with brown kraft paper. I love this stuff … so many possibilities! I may never buy any other wrapping paper again (yeah right). I’ll let you be the judge on which present you like the best. I’m undecided, but I think my favorite is this neutral/tan and white present:

Neutral and white present wrap  |  Modern gift wrapping idea

Neutral and white Christmas Present

Michaels happened to have marked all their Christmas decor, ribbon, floral, etc down to 70% off the morning we were there. I stocked up on some of the tan/white sparkly washi tape above (which I just LOVE!!!), white glittery bells and tan feathers with deer stenciled on them. I also bought some white rafia (not on sale, but used my 40% off coupon), and some white sparkly dots that I found in the scrapbook aisle. For the tag, I used some brown chevron paper (that you may recognize because I used it here on my Advent Calendar, and here on my thrifty Rudolphs). I cut out the tag shape using a paper punch that I purchased awhile ago which, by the way, was a fantastic purchase!!! I use it all the time when I forget to buy cards for my presents. I embossed some Christmas trees on the front (rubber stamp + white ink + embossing powder + heat gun = textured white shimmery trees).

That’s it!

I could maybe use another bell or two, though :) One more shot of this guy:

Christmas Wrap idea  |  View From the Fridge

One more shot

On to the next present … black and neutral with some greenery added:

Black, white, and green present

Black, white, and green wrap

Supplies for this one were very similar. White glittery bells, black ribbon, white/black bakers twine, more sparkly dots (this time in black), and a chalkboard tag jazzed up a bit with a chalk marker (more on that here). I hot glued in the evergreen sprigs as a last thought. The black and white by themselves seemed a bit too formal and not very festive. Now it looks more Christmas-y, don’t ya think?

And for the next one … A very girly, very glittery, very sparkly wrap for Ashlyn:

Tulle and sparkle Christmas wrap

Fancy pants wrapping for Ashlyn

Actually … this one might be my favorite. Love how girly it is! I used pinkish-red sparkly tape from JoAnn, red and white bakers twine, white glitter tulle (6″ spool), and a glitter letter left over from the pack I bought for my polar bear ‘art’ project).

To make tulle balls out of the 6″ spools of tulle you can buy at Michaels/Joann, simply find something flat and about 4″ wide (by at least 6″ long). I just cut a piece of cardboard to this size. Wrap that tulle ribbon around your 4″ wide piece several times (like 20).

Wrap tulle around cardboard piece ~ 20 times

Wrap tulle around cardboard piece ~ 20 times

Slide tulle out from the cardboard pieces. Cut the loops on both ends so you’re left with abou 6″ x 4″ rectangles of tulle layers.

How to make a tulle ball

Slide tulle out from cardboard, cut loops on either side

How to make a tulle pom pom

Stack of 4″ x 6″ tulle pieces


Wrap twine or ribbon around middle of stack. Tie tightly leaving some string length on one or both ends to tie tulle ball onto something. Pull layer by layer and ‘fluff’ out ball.

Tie string, ribbon, twine around stack of tulle and tie tightly

Tie string, ribbon, twine around stack of tulle and tie tightly

Once you’re done ‘fluffing’ the pom pom, you should be sufficiently covered in glitter (if you used glitter tulle). Now my jeans are festive, too :)

One more shot of the present:

Tulle and sparkle Christmas wrap

Tulle Pom Pom Present for Ashlyn

Now, for the manly present … Jackson’s.

Very manly, sir!

Very manly, sir!

Jackson is four … do you think he’ll appreciate my effort. My guess is … not one bit. For this present, I kept it simple. Black and white polka dot washi tape from Target, gold sparkly circle that I cut from sparkly paper from JoAnn, a fancy gold-leafed chalkboard label, and some greenery glued on for fun.

Now onto Carolina’s …

Red Polka Dot Christmas Wrap

Red Polka Dot Christmas Wrap

For Carolina’s large present above, I simple tied some white glitter tulle around the present and glued on some circles I punched from red sparkly paper. I added a glittery C sticker, and called it complete!

And last, but definitely not least … Grandma’s homemade present wrapped in Owen and Charlie’s hand stamped wrapping paper!

Here’s the homemade present (more on that here):

DIY Birch Coaster Ornaments personalized on the back for Grandma.

DIY Birch Coaster Ornaments personalized on the back for Grandma.

A couple a weeks ago, Owen requested a painting ‘project’. I decided to entertain him that day and make some handmade (hand painted, at least) wrapping paper at the same time. I just cut a star and a Christmas tree shape out of sponges, and gave them green and red paint, brown craft wrapping paper, and had some wet rags nearby.

Toddler Christmas Wrapping Paper

Charlie looks guilty in the back there …

And the result:

Toddler handmade wrapping paper

Grandma’s very personalized present (with handmade wrapping paper).

Okay, maybe that one is my favorite …

One final shot of my experiment yesterday:

Easy Christmas Wrapping Ideas

My Christmas Wrapping Experiment

And the verdict? You tell me which one you like the best.

Do you usually wrap all your presents in a color scheme or make them all a bit different? Are you a wait-till-the-last-minute-and-throw-some-paper-on-the-box-as-fast-as-possible type gift giver (as I usually always am), or are you like my cousin who gives the most fantastic looking presents you’ve ever seen?

Happy Friday. Have a fabulous weekend! If you’re already on Christmas ‘break’ … enjoy every minute.

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  • Reply Ada December 20, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    They are turned out GREAT! Hmm, if I HAD to choose …. my fave is the first, the neutral tan/white – I love the GORGEOUS feathers, the jingle bells, the tree card (love love love!). I went cRaZy experimenting with different ways to gift wrap this month, started a Holiday Creative Gift Wrapping series on my blog to show peeps what I did – wrapping gifts from clothing (cut up an old sweater + skirt), created a Polar Bear (claws and pom pom tail) wrapping design etc etc. It was soooooooooooooo much fun!

  • Reply Sammiey December 21, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    These are all so cute! I love all of them. My favorite is the one for Jackson, I love the greenery attached what a cute idea.


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  • Reply Deborah February 3, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    I’m new to your blog. Thanks for sharing your gift tag ideas. That is a big pet peeve of mine. I will definitely be using the chalk board tags and tags made with a shape punch out of coordinating scrapbook paper. Thank you and congratulations on your new upcoming blessing.
    Deborah recently posted…Winter, even in OrlandoMy Profile

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