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Easy Thanksgiving Burlap Banner

November 3, 2013
Love the burlap, gold, and black combo!

I’ve said before that we’re not much for decorating for the seasons … or the holidays, for that matter (besides Christmas, of course).  We just have so much other ‘decorating’ that needs to be done in our house, that it sometimes seems silly to spend time and money on seasonal decor.  We need places to sit and walls to cover ALL YEAR round!!

But, I’m coming around.  Just a bit.  My mom mentioned something about decorating for holidays being mostly for kids.  It’s sort of true, I guess.  When I think back on growing up, I absolutely LOVED decorating the house for each holiday.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (of course), Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Columbus Day (okay, joking about that last one).  But seriously, I looked forward to bringing the box up from the basement, unwrapping all the decorations, and then finding homes for it all (even though most of it usually went in the same place as the previous year).  How could we NOT decorate for each holiday?  I’m not entirely sure my boys will share my excitement, and especially not this young, but what if they do?  What if these are some of the memories they look back on when they’re all grown up and married?

I started small.  A couple weeks back I shared our Halloween Mantel.  We also bought a bunch of real pumpkins for various places in and outside the house.  My mom gave us a {plug in} light up pumpkin that the boys love to have on in the dark (they don’t mind that Molly chewed the stem off the fake plastic pumpkin … seriously, that can’t taste good).   Now that it’s November, we need some (or at least one) Thanksgiving decoration.  Here’s where this project came in …

  • I had lots of burlap left over from the planned projects I didn’t finish for Halloween.
  • I wanted something that reminds us daily to ‘be thankful’ (’tis the season, right?)
  • We have a bare mantel that we all stare it on a daily basis (since the TV happens to be right above it)

Enter … burlap banner!  Here’s a glance at the final product:

GIVE THANKS burlap banner

GIVE THANKS burlap banner


It was a super simple, quick … only an hour total (from dreaming up concept to completion), inexpensive, and festive project.  I finished during nap time AND still had time for folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and finishing up a baby shower gift.  It was an unusually productive naptime (I am not complaining!).

Here’s the how-to (so simple, you really probably don’t need detailed instructions) …




  • Burlap ribbon.  Mine was 4″ thick and wired (though, I’m sure non-wired would work fine, too).
  • Gold bias tape (from JoAnn)
  • Twine (very optional … I just used mind to extend the ends a bit on each side)
  • Vinyl letters.  These were purchased from Target in the posterboard-making aisle.
  • Flower embellishment (mine from scrapbook aisle in JoAnn).  You could also use any other fun embellishment you have around.  Felt buttons?  Lace trim?  Faux fall floral (or simply a leaf off a floral arrangement)?
  • Glue (not pictured)

Step 1:  Cut your burlap pieces.  Mine where each 6″ from top to bottom.  From that, I cut a triangle piece out of the bottom.  Note:  the top of the burlap pieces will be covered by your bias tape.  Make sure to keep that in mind.

Step 2:  Stick Vinyl letters on burlap pieces.  Realize they don’t stick well to burlap.  Get out glue, and glue each one in place.  :)

Step 3:  Add flower embellishment to another burlap pieces.

Step 4:  Lay out the bias tape and all burlap pieces to determine appropriate spacing.  I used an 1″ between all letters and 3″ on either side of the flower.

Step 5:  Glue each burlap piece inside the bias tape, gluing both sides and the gap between.

Step 6:  Hang and enjoy!  Remember to be thankful :)

Flower embellishment

Flower embellishment

Love the burlap, gold, and black combo!

Loving the burlap, gold, and black combo!

Molly, are you admiring our new decor?  Are you reminded to be thankful for your wonderful ‘mom’?

Whaddaya think, Mol?

Whaddaya think, Mol?

There you have it … Thanksgiving Decor!  We’re also working on our ‘thankful turkey’ that I’ll share more details about later this week.  Have a good rest of your weekend!  What are you especially thankful for right now?

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