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DIY Fall Potpourri Gift Idea

November 10, 2015
DIY Fall Potpourri Gift Idea with Free Printable | View From The Fridge

I have a secret … I’m starting to ponder Christmas decorations and may or may not have already hauled up some bins labeled “Christmas.”  I’m not sure why I’m in such a rush this year, as the weather here in Minnesota certainly doesn’t feel like Christmas.  It’s been an absolutely gorgeous fall, and I’m in no hurry for the snow to fall, but for some reason … I’m super excited for Christmas this year.

However … I also do love Thanksgiving.  I love the whole month of November leading up to Thanksgiving because I feel like people are trying just a little harder to be grateful for the things in their lives.  I feel like there’s an anticipation of the ‘holiday season,’ and that people tend to focus more on being with their families during this season.  Today I’m over at Real Housemoms sharing an easy gift idea.  An easy, but thoughtful way to say ‘Thank You’ to the people you are grateful for this fall … DIY Fall Potpourri!  Perfect for a teacher, a neighbor, a babysitter, grandma, or just a good friend.  Free printable tags included!

DIY Fall Potpourri Gift Idea with Free Printable | View From The Fridge

You can get the full recipe and download the free printable tags over on Real Housemoms today!  Enjoy!

And what about you?  Do you wait until December to decorate or think about Christmas or have you also thought about bringing up some decorations already?



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