Cheers to 2014 {and a look ahead}

January 1, 2014
Happy New Year!

Let me be the first to say, “Happy New Year!”


Okay, I realize I’m probably not the first person to say this to you … but CHEERS anyway!  Owen and Charlie were so excited about 2014 that they woke up (and woke us up) at 4:45 am.  No joke.  And stayed up.  My one cup of fancy coffee went way too fast this morning.

I love New Years Day!  The start of a brand new year makes me feel so motivated … so ready to start a new year … so energized (despite the early wake up call).  It also helps that last night was a low key alcohol free evening … I haven’t always felt so energetic on New Years Day (ahem … college years).

I am fully intending on making 2014 a fantastic year, and that goes for here on View From The Fridge, also!  We have lots of projects on the to-do list (and quite a few already in process).  We have some kiddo rooms to design (Owen and Charlie’s shared room and the new baby’s nursery), an office makeover, a family room update, and plenty of DIY and craft projects along the way.  I am also on a mission to organize this house!!  New Years Resolution #8 … organize one area per week, is a go, and I plan to share it all with you (aren’t you lucky?).

Looking ahead to 2014 here on VFTF, here’s a glimpse of what to expect …


Project Organize

Like I mentioned above, every Friday I’ll share our weekly organization project with you in hopes that it offers some motivation to you as well (and holds me accountable).  I’m hoping I’ll have some tips or printables or other good ideas to help you organize as we go along, too.

Why am I so excited about getting this place organized???  Oh … well let me show you a couple of the areas that are DRIVING ME CRAZY.  Seriously, I’m embarrassed to show these pictures.  Who lives like this?!?  And, sadly, no …. I didn’t make these areas extra messy before I took these pictures.


This can’t be my house … I’m sure of it …


In these coming months, we’ll also be sharing a bunch of project that prepare us for our new addition that’s expected in May.

Meet baby 3 (our willpower held out, and we didn’t find out the gender yesterday):

Baby Three's Debut here on VFTF

Baby Three’s Debut here on VFTF

So … what do think?  Does baby 3 look girly or boyish??

Our preliminary nursery plans are lots of white (surprise, surprise), grey, turquoise, and yellow.  Here’s a visual …

Turquoise and Yellow NurseryThen … if it’s a boy we’ll add navy, if it’s a girl, we’ll add some hot pink.  What do you think?  Stay tuned … this whole design concept could change in a minute.  We’ve got crib sheets, changing pad covers, mobiles, curtains, light fixtures (?), artwork, blankets, bibs, nursing covers, etc to make.  We also have an entire ‘blank slate’ room to work with (that includes a fireplace in need of a little updating … this baby will live in luxury, I’m telling you!).

2014 should be a great year (besides I have a thing for even numbered years).  I’d love for you to join us here on View From The Fridge.  If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts in general … I’d LOVE to hear from you.  Contact me here.

and again,  CHEERS TO 2014!

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