Bathroom Updates {The Home Tour Mini-Series Continues}

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You know early last month when I started my home tour ‘mini series‘?? Then I gave you a tour of two spaces (our kitchen, and living/dining room) and then mysteriously never mentioned the rest of the house for weeks??

Yeah? Well … I’m back today with another part of our home … the bathroom. How exciting right?!? A bathroom!!

Actually … I am probably most excited about this room than any other in our house because it’s finished. Well, as finished as anything can be in our home. Finished for now. I’m sure I’ll want to change something about it soon, but for the moment nothing about it is screaming at me to fix, change, update … which is more than I can say for any other room in the house!

So … without further introduction, welcome to our downstairs bathroom:

We’ll start by walking in the door:

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge



Then a turn to the left ….

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge



A closer look at those shelves …

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge


And looking back at the sink and door …

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge

Now … to fully appreciate these updates, you first have to see the blah before pictures …

The Before:

I’ve always loved this bathroom since we moved in, but about two months ago I realized it could be SO much better than it currently was. The before was a little drab and desperately in need of some color. With several EASY updates, the bathroom seems much more cheerful to me know.

Here are the before shots:

Bathroom Before


Bathroom Before

Bathroom Before


So … what specifically did we do in here?


#1 Replaced lighting!

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge

Pendant Light Updates


Those black with white frosted glass pendants were a bit 80′s (maybe 90′s?) for our taste. Plus the glass collected dirt like crazy, and were SO not easy to clean. Once we pulled out these lights, we discovered that the actual light sockets were recessed can lighting. To replace these with different pendant lights, we were going to need a recessed to pendant light kit (we used this one from Lowe’s). It was SUPER easy … absolutely no wiring required. We simply screwed the kit into the bulb socket in the can just like you would a light bulb. Then we added simple off white drum shades and our pendant lighting came into this decade!

You may have noticed, we also replaced the regular old bulbs in the fixture above the sink with fancier looking filament bulbs. While this light ‘fixture’ is not my favorite … it is fine for now. These bulbs give it a bit more interest and give off better ‘looking in the mirror’ (flattering) light.

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge



#2 Added some color to the shelves with spray painted letters and accessories

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge


I was trying to figure out what I could add to all these shelves to bring in some color and fill them up. Accessories can be expensive, so I was also looking to find something on the thrifty side to style these. I ended up going with these four words (which I’ve come to find out are very popular in bathrooms). I purchased all those letters from JoAnn (had to hit up two different stores because they ran out of H’s and S’s at the first). They are paper mache and are normally $2.99 each. I timed it right, and happened to hit them up when they were having a $1 off sale on their letters. The total for all 19 letters was $38. It sounds like a lot to spend on letters, but trying to find accessories for four shelves would much likely have been much more expensive. After a little spray paint … they became the perfect edition to our shelves. For now. Added bonus: I can use the letters as teaching points for the boys during trips to the potty. “What letter is this??” “How many S’s do you see?”

I also added a couple other items to the top shelf … that coral color milk jug type thing (??no clue what to call it) with yellow flowers and that minty lantern … all three from Ikea (and for less than $20 total).

I also purchased that bike picture from Emma Kisstina on Etsy. I just love it! It caught my eye because it happened to be the exact colors I was looking for! I’m still deciding whether or not to hang the picture on the wall or leave it on the shelf. Hmmm … decisions, decisions!!

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge



And … as a last touch, I added a fun stick-on flower from Michael’s (dollar bins) to a galvanized bin. Looks much more Anthropologie-like now, agree?

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge


#3. Replaced those old drab grey towels with some fresh mint colored towels and colorful hexagon hand towels.

Towels all from my favorite store … Target!

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge

New Colorful Hand Towels (also new bath towels hanging near shower … not shown here)


#4 Added some storage bins to the shelf under the sink.

This shelf was previously empty. On rare occasions, it served as Molly’s ‘safe place’ during fireworks or thunderstorms or when remote control cars or balloons were out, or …. (she is easily scared).


Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge

New Ikea Baskets Under Sink

Now … because nothing is easy, these baskets came wood/wicker color and I spray painted them the minty blue color they are currently. Much improved!


#5 Covered the textured glass of the medicine cabinet


In that before and after picture above, you may have noticed the medicine cabinet also got a makeover. I wasn’t a huge fan of being able to see into the cabinet (even through the frosting). I fixed this with a removable striped decal (this one from SpoonFlower) and a plus sign made of cardstock and mod podged to the front of the decal. Now … you can’t see inside (guests will actually have to open it to see what we keep in there … :)).

Now, I need to do that to the three cabinets on the wall!


#6 Replaced the knobs with something more modern


Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge

New knobs!


#7 And finally … I finished the bathroom off with my Upcycled ‘Press For Champagne’ art.


Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge



Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge


For more details on that project … check out this post from last week.

Well … there you have it … our downstairs bathroom! It’s a good thing I like this space, because our only other bathroom upstairs currently has 2 rugs in the shower and a BUNCH of random crap stuff from the bedrooms we’re really trying to finish off before #3 arrives!! This really is our only usable bathroom right now!

Stay tuned, because I’ll be back soon with more details on one of my favorite parts of this bathroom … the Built In Industrial Pipe Shelving.

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge


Thanks for stopping by today!! Be sure to stop back tonight at 7:30 CST for a fun NEW link party we’re starting!!! There just might be some surprises and incentives to kick this thing off, so mark your calendars. I’m teaming up with four other VERY talented bloggers for this link party, so you won’t want to miss it!!



  1. I love the letters on the shelves! Such a cute idea and adds a lot of colors to the room

    • Hi Julie! Thanks so much! It is definitely better than what was there before! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a cool bathroom! I love the new pops of color everywhere! Well done!
    Nici recently posted…Just in Time for Mother’s Day…A Steeped Tea Teapot GiveawayMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Nici! I’m loving the color right now … much better than the drab grey! Have a great weekend!
      Katie recently posted…DIY Sunday Showcase … 4/26My Profile

  3. I love the letters- great for decoration and as a reminder! The bathroom turned out awesome!
    Savanna recently posted…What’s Happening WednesdayMy Profile

  4. Wowza! Your bathroom is amazing! I would love to have that kind of space to create a lovely retreat. I like the idea of using the laundry baskets to hold clean towels, too, so guests don’t have to rifle through your closets. And those letters! Perfect for our little toddlers, who need the perpetual reminder. Looks wonderful!
    Melissa @ Home on Deranged recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Talking Easter love (cause it’s all you need)My Profile

    • Thanks, Melissa! The only slight problem with the letters is that my kids also like to play with them a bit too much!! Oh well … at least it’s an educational toy(??). Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of your week!

  5. This is a great testament to how you can update a space on a budget! It looks fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing with us at Hump Day Happenings!
    Megan Walker recently posted…Hump Day Happenings #7: Anything Goes!My Profile

    • Thanks, Megan! So glad I found your new party! I appreciate you stopping by to say “hello”! Have a great rest of your week!

  6. I love the new look. I especially like the added color to the bathroom.
    Julie recently posted…Rio 2 MovieMy Profile

    • Thanks, Julie! It is much more inviting and welcoming now! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I am in LOVE!! This is beyond amazing. Although I have to say that I loved your bathroom before as well, it is just a great bathroom in general but your upgrades and decorations are FANTASTIC. Really good job on this Katie, I will be pinning like crazy. I love every single shot you took

    • Thanks, Sonnet!! I do love this bathroom. I can’t take credit for most of it … the previous owners did a good job in here!! The only thing I would change is the paint color …. but it’s not very high up on our priority list right now :) Oh … and maybe the shower tile.

  8. Love the added touches. You didn’t even have to do a high priced renovation to get an entirely new look. I love the spray painted letters & the doorbell. Fun! I’m building a new home, I may have to steal a few of these ideas.
    Kellie The Shoe Diva recently posted…Fashion Tips for Women Over 40My Profile

    • Thanks, Kellie! No … no huge budget here, but I do like how it looks SO MUCH more now! Thanks for stopping by! Congrats on building a NEW home … how exciting!

  9. What a great space Katie! Those shelving units are amazing, and the oversized letters are perfect for them! So my style in one room!
    Melissa @ A Prudent Life recently posted…Party in style … DIY Koozies!My Profile

  10. You did a fabulous job tweaking your already lovely bathroom. It’s a nice mix of new and a bit of old. I’ve always wanted to do an industrial look shelving unit…maybe someday.
    Erlene recently posted…Link’n Blogs #22My Profile

    • Thanks, Erlene! I do love those shelves. Too bad I can’t take credit for putting them in (they were there when we moved in), but I am going to feature some details on how to make some similar to these soon! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re having a great weekend!
      Katie recently posted…DIY Sunday Showcase … 4/26My Profile

  11. Love! Love! Love! This bathroom has so much personality. The ” Brush, floss, and wash” letters are so clever.
    Carmody recently posted…Rope BraceletMy Profile

  12. I just want to take this bathroom and put it in my house. So cute!! The letters are such a unique and eye-catching idea. Gotta love ikea! Thanks for linking up with Hump Day Happenings.
    Jenna @ A Savory Feast recently posted…Hump Day Happenings #7My Profile

  13. OBSESSED! Love the industrial shelving paired with those cool and colorful signs. Absolutely gorgeous! ~ Erika @ Yay for Handmade!
    Erika Buckley recently posted…Yay Cinco de Mayo! Maraca Baby RattleMy Profile

    • Thanks, Erika … you’re too kind! I’m happy with the colors and how EASY these updates were (why can’t all projects be that easy)?!? Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re having a great weekend!
      Katie recently posted…DIY Sunday Showcase … 4/26My Profile

  14. Hey It’s Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! Your bathroom is so cute and peaceful! That bath is so great! I love how just a few pops of color in the words and towels completely changed the room. Very cute :)

  15. What a difference! I like the new hexagon towels and IKEA bin storage under the sink the best. It shows how small changes make for a BIG impact. :)
    Olivia recently posted…DIY 3D Butterfly Wall Art with FREE TemplatesMy Profile

  16. Your bathroom is amazing just like the rest of the house. Totally in love with that shelving in there. I think you did a beautiful job decorating it. I can’t believe your boys don’t mess with it. Mine would have then all pulled down in an hour. I can’t wait to see the rest of the house.
    Courtney @ Crafts by Courtney recently posted…DIY Easter Family Portrait InspirationMy Profile

    • They did at first … now they mostly ignore the letters. At least they’re easy to put back up. They would mess up anything I put on the shelves, though. I used to have nicely folded towels … until they threw them on the ground 3 times everyday. I gave up on those quickly!
      Katie recently posted…DIY Sunday Showcase … 4/26My Profile

  17. Hey, it’s Kate her from The Organized Dream visiting you through the linkup ‘Wake Up Wednesdays’. You’re bathroom is super cute. I love those baskets under the sink!
    Kate recently posted…Crock Pot MeatballsMy Profile

  18. Girl! This is an AWESOME bathroom! Love the letters, the colors, the industrial shelves…everything! Amazing, amazing job!!

    ~Abby =)
    Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog recently posted…Twice as Nice Mother’s Day GiveawayMy Profile

    • Thanks, Abby! I’m so glad you stopped by! It was a fun (and super easy) update to this area. If all my updates could be this easy … I’d be done with the whole house! Ha! Thanks for the comment. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
      Katie recently posted…DIY Sunday Showcase … 4/26My Profile

  19. Love the colors you used, especially the baskets under the sink.
    Megan @ Wishful Crafting recently posted…Strawberry Angel Food Cake Skewers (For People Who Can’t Cook)My Profile

  20. LOVE! The shovels are super cool but they stand out so much more with all the cool typography! And the medicine cabinet coverup is just genius. Awesome, awesome new bathroom!
    Dawn recently posted…Mother’s Day PrintableMy Profile

  21. Love the industrial shelving – I’m looking at building similar shelving for my boys room. Love how the bathroom turned out!

  22. love it all! the decor is perfect, the hardware updates are awesome. incredible job!!

  23. Oh my! I love the fun colors, they’re exciting! The way you did the letters instead of a wall hanging is really different and clever! LOVE! I also love the updates to the lights simple but a dramatic difference.
    Heather {Woods of Bell Trees} recently posted…Copper Leaf PlantersMy Profile

  24. This is fabulous! I love the colors and your take on the first aid cabinet!

    • Thanks, April! Much better than the drab before … Have a great rest of your weekend!

  25. Love how you updated this bathrooms look, Katie! Such fun and unique ideas. The letters on the shelves are too cute, and add some great color! Pinning :)
    Erin recently posted…How-To Organize A Linen ClosetMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Erin! I do like the added color in our bathroom. It’s easy to switch, too, when I get sick of mint, coral, and yellow! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  26. Awesome bathroom!
    Mindie Hilton recently posted…Anything Goes Linky #151, Giveaways, And FeaturesMy Profile

  27. Very cute!! Loving the bold letters and Press for champagne art!
    Nora Nuno recently posted…A Fancy Fiesta!My Profile

  28. Lovely details Katie! I love the letters. I am always reminding my children to brush their teeth and flush the potty. The letters are great for “gentle” reminders. Love the colors. Also, great side by side photos! Keep up the great work! Kari

  29. This has to be one of the coolest bathrooms I’ve seen!! Love the industrial touch!!
    Selene Galindo recently posted…Faux Wood Tile Flooring In the KitchenMy Profile

  30. I LOVE THAT BATH TUB. The industrial look of the shelves is awesome too! Thanks for the tour!
    bette @ Somerset Lane recently posted…RECIPE: Roasted Vegetables with Feta CheeseMy Profile

  31. Hi Katie, just saw you on VMG206. I love your bathroom; you have so much creativity going on in there. And that Champagne mirror art? Fabulous! Have a great day!

    Val @
    Val recently posted…Refashioned TopMy Profile

  32. Love the spray painted letters and those shelves. Beautiful transformation!
    Kat@Home.Made.Interest. recently posted…Fabric-covered Flower PotMy Profile

  33. Katie, I LOVE how this turned out and those wood letters are so much fun! I hope you will stop over at The Makers to share this! Have a great week!
    Katie @ Upcycled Treasures recently posted…The Makers Link Party #15My Profile

  34. Such a beautiful bathroom! I love all the updates and can’t wait to see your shelves tutorial! It makes me want to quit putting off doing my bathrooms!
    Mindi recently posted…Faux Metal Upcycled ShelfMy Profile

  35. I love the huge letters! So cool! Pinning:-) Have a great week!
    Aniko@PlaceOfMyTaste recently posted…STENCILED DECORATIVE PILLOWCASEMy Profile

  36. Hi There! Stopping by from #HumpDayHappenings- I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of the bathroom. The fillament bulbs are really neat. I have a sign in by bathroom with the same thing “Brush, Wash, Flush, Floss”, but the letters look a lot better on the shelving.


  37. I love your bathroom! I came over here from the VMG:206 link-up because I *loved* the shelves. But I have to admit, I love the “Press for Campaign” button more! :)
    ~ Christine
    Christine @ Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers recently posted…Jammy Gummy BitesMy Profile

  38. I adore the spray painted letters – AWESOME! :)

  39. You’ve been featured at Link’n Blogs link party! Way to go! Stop by to see your feature and link up again. :)

    Put A Bird On It
    Daniela @ Put A Bird On It recently posted…Link’n Blogs #23My Profile

  40. This is gorgeous! Love the colors and the pipes holding the shelves up. { fistbump }
    Rachel recently posted…Decorating above Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Block LettersMy Profile

  41. I love this Katie! The bold colors are a fun addition, and I adore the sink/vanity!
    Lisa at Mabey She Made It recently posted…Glass Etched BakewareMy Profile

  42. I am in love with your bathroom! Everything about it is awesome! Especially those letters. :)

    • Thanks so much, Jocelyn! They really were simple, easy, and inexpensive updates, but the after is SO MUCH better than the before! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week (oh, and thanks for the great party again last night!).

  43. I am soooo in love with the bathroom update!! Pinned it!!

    It’s the perfect mix of modern & industrial. Especially digging the bold typography “wash brush floss & flush” it had me at hello!
    Trisha D. recently posted…#thriftscorethursday Salt Lake City ExcursionMy Profile


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