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Baby THREE update … weeks 16-20 {and a little Christmas recap}

January 2, 2014

Well … that Holiday season was a whirlwind.  A good whirlwind, but … geez how time flies!  It’s been about a month since my last update on Baby 3, so I thought I’d just check in this morning.  The second trimester is treating me well, and I’m trying to enjoy it all before I get uncomfortably large in a couple months :)

The year of baby 3 has arrived!

Looking back on December, weeks 16-19 have been pretty uneventful.  I had another doctor appointment in there somewhere around 18 weeks.  All signs are still good!  I felt the baby move around 19 weeks, though I’m never certain that it’s baby I’m feeling moving around in there.  My doctor confirmed that my placenta is laying over the front of my belly … therefore baby’s kicks are less noticeable right now (more padding, I guess).  The Christmas season was busy for us, and I’m so fortunate to have felt great all month.  No morning sickness, no extreme fatigue … these are long gone, and basically just watching my belly expand (probably due to both baby and the season’s treats???).

We managed to get in some ‘Christmas-y’ fun in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  We visited Macy’s Downtown’s 8th floor, and the boys loved it!

Santa's workshop (Macy's 8th floor)

Santa’s workshop (Macy’s 8th floor)

We were able to attend the Holidazzle parade (last one of the last year), and managed to get front row seats (thanks to the friendly family parked next to us):

Front Row at the Holidazzle 2013!

Front Row at the Holidazzle 2013!

We enjoyed a fun Christmas Eve brunch at my mom’s:

Christmas Eve 2013.  From left to right:  Me, Matt, Charlie, Steph, Jackson, My mom, Lori, Samantha, Carolina, my brother, Jim, Jess, and Owen.

Christmas Eve 2013. From left to right: Me, Matt, Charlie, Steph, Jackson, My mom, Lori, Samantha, Carolina, my brother, Jim, Jess, and Owen (missing Chris who was working this morning)

Then off to Iowa for a couple days with the Stahls.  Every year it seems the weather is less-than-ideal for driving, and this year was no exception.  It wasn’t terrible (we’ve definitely had worse), but we were glad to arrive safely in Marshalltown!

Opening presents was a day-long process.  Open a couple … play with the toys … eat some food … repeat.

Christmas morning fun!

Christmas morning fun!

and a break to make some monkey bread …

Boys helping Grandpa to make monkey bread

Boys helping Grandpa to make monkey bread

We also got outside a bit to try out the John Deere in the snow:

A little more tricky to drive the John Deere through all the snow

A little more tricky to drive the John Deere through all the snow

and attempted to build an igloo:

Attempting (and failing) to build an igloo

Attempting (and failing) to build an igloo

At the end of week 19, we all went to a beautiful Christmas wedding in Minneapolis (Cheers Betsy & Phil)!  It’s weddings like this one that make me want to get married all over again.  It was gorgeous!

Week 20 brought some exercise in will power to NOT find out the gender of baby 3 during our ultrasound.  We managed to resist (first time not finding out the gender during this appointment).  Baby three checked out wonderfully, and we got some great pictures.

Meet baby 3 …

Girl or boy???

Girl or boy???

and a profile shot:


I actually have to get another ultrasound at my appointment in four weeks because baby didn’t want to flip and show his/her spine.  We could probably find out the gender then, so I’ll have to continue to work on my willpower to not find out then, either.

We rang in the New Year with an uneventful night at home.  We cooked a fancy steak dinner, drank some fun beverages … mine of course being non-alcoholic, and watched a couple movies.  I actually made it to midnight and watched the ball drop with Ryan, Miley, Jenny, and the rest of the crew on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.  And yes, I’d be okay with not seeing Miley Cyrus for the rest of 2014.

Here’s to enjoying the next 8 or so weeks of the second trimester!

And if you missed my previous posts … and you’re just dying to hear about the details of this pregnancy so far (ha!), click here:

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  • Reply Melissa @ A Prudent Life January 31, 2014 at 12:20 am

    Belated congratulations Katie! Somehow until 15 minutes ago, I had completely missed the awesome news that beautiful baby #3 was on the way. I must be really really slow, because I think I had even read your nursery post. Not sure what I thought you were going to put in that nursery! :-)
    Melissa @ A Prudent Life recently posted…Thursday S.T.Y.L.E. Week #5!My Profile

    • Reply Katie January 31, 2014 at 6:49 am

      Ha! Thanks, Melissa! The progress on that nursery, however, is moving at a very sloooow pace! We’ll be lucky to have a place for this baby to sleep when it makes an appearance! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!

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