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Baby Three Update … 32 weeks

March 25, 2014
Third Pregnancy Differences | View From the Fridge

I think the last time I posted an update on baby #3 was about 8 weeks ago.  Looking back on that post, I’m slightly jealous of my belly then.  Why did I think it was so big?!?

There are several things about the third pregnancy that are different (at least for me).  One of these days, I’ll get around to compiling them all, but one no-so-pleasant difference is how BIG my belly feels.  I don’t remember feeling HUGE with my first until the very end.  With my second, I remember panicking at 33 weeks, thinking … “my belly can. not. stretch. any. further.  And I still have 7 weeks to go?!?’  This time that same panic set in at about 28 weeks.  I was already feeling HUGE and felt like my belly was stretched to the max (with 3 months to go still!!).

Since my last update, a couple other (less-than-fun) things have happened:

#1.  I failed my glucose screening at 28 weeks.  Ugh.  You’d think I would have known the drill by the third time around, but I messed it up.  I accidentally ate nearly an entire sleeve of thin mints just before remembering that I had to drink that sugary glucose drink in a couple minutes.  Well … I read the instructions (after the cookie ‘binge’), and they said ‘try not to eat too much sugar before drinking this …”.  Oops!  I gave it a shot, drank in anyways, and had them do the screening an hour later.  It came as no shock to me that they called a couple days later to inform me that my test results came back ‘a bit elevated’ (my blood sugar, that is).  I asked if I could re-take the screening test because of my Girl Scout cookie ‘incident’ right before, and they said ‘no’.  So, off to the hospital I went to have the 3 hour test done.

I had never had this test done before, and it wasn’t overly fun.  I don’t recommend it!!  I had to get blood drawn from my arms 4 times in three hours.  Yuck!  I had to fast for 12 hours before the test, plus the three hours of the test.  And I’m not great without food (or coffee) for long stretches of time.  And finally, I had to just sit at the hospital for 3 hours!!  Not exactly how I wanted to spend an entire morning (and Matt wasn’t thrilled with having to take an entire morning off work to watch the boys a couple days before taking a week long vacation).

Anyway … test confirmed I was not even close to diabetic, and for that I feel very fortunate.  I really should just stop complaining about it.  Damn Thin Mints.  :)

#2.  An ambulance came to work for me several weeks ago.  That was embarrassing, to say the least.  I was just sitting at my desk, and all of the sudden my heart just started racing and my whole body felt like it was pounding with every beat.  I sort of freaked out.  Was something wrong with the baby?  Was this pre-Eclampsia that they always talk about in pregnant women?  You can imagine what was going through my head (and it doesn’t help that I have hypochondriac tendencies once and awhile).  I walked around, drank water, sat down, took deep breaths, etc, and nothing was working.  Besides the fast heartbeat, I had no other symptoms.  I wasn’t dizzy or lightheaded, I didn’t have any chest pain (or any pain, for that matter), I could talk and walk fine, but I knew something was not right with my heart.    I finally went to our HR department, and they called over our Plant Manager who also happens to be an EMT.  He took my pulse, told me it was definitely elevated (about 140bpm), and recommended that we call an ambulance to find out what was going on.  Ugh.  I said okay (mostly because I was worried it has something to do with the baby), and it showed up … lights and sirens ablaze.  Three paramedics rolled in with a big stretcher and all their gear.  Quite the spectacle!!  By this time, however, my pulse had gone back to relatively normal (just under 100 bpm).  They hooked me up with a bunch of leads to watch my heart rhythm, took my blood pressure, blood sugar … all my vitals.  Finally, they said I seemed to be just fine … now.  Luckily, I didn’t have to go with them.  I got a ride home from work, and called my OB.  I went to see her that afternoon, and she didn’t seem worried at all.  I ended up having to meet with a cardiologist, have an echo-cardiogram (basically and ultrasound of your heart), but all signs come back completely normal and healthy.  The cardiologist diagnosed me with SVT, and said the rapid heartbeat could come back some time in my life … next week OR 30 years from now.  Apparently, it’s not life threatening, and can be treated in the ER with an injection if it doesn’t lower by itself.  I’m just going to hope it doesn’t come back anytime soon, as it was just scary.

Needless to say, the ambulance coming into work was embarrassing, but could have been much worse.  At least I wasn’t going into labor (would have been MUCH more embarrassing to deliver a baby at work).  Most importantly, it didn’t end up being anything too serious.  Again, I shouldn’t be complaining, and should just be counting my blessings and be thankful that this pregnancy is still healthy!  Embarrassment … I can get over!

#3.  I have now developed that pregnancy ‘waddle’ (or, at least it feels that way).  I didn’t have it with my first.  I had it at the very end with my second.  I have it now, at 32 weeks, with this one.  My hips are just killing me!!!  If I get up after sitting down for a long time, I look like an 85 year old woman.  Maybe the Florida trip, and the 22 hour car ride both ways ruined me.  Maybe I’m not in as good of shape.  Maybe my body is just tired of changing to accommodate another baby every 2 years.  Who knows?!?  All I know, is that I just hope no one is watching when I have to get off the couch, off my chair at work, etc.

So … those are some of the not-so-great things that are different this time.  One GOOD thing this time around is that time is flying by!  Actually, that’s is good … and bad.  I keep forgetting what week I’m at.  With the first pregnancy, I could tell you, at any moment, what week/day (probably hour) I was along.    We do, however, have A LOT  to do before this little guy (or little lady) arrives!!  I keep thinking in my head … this baby could arrive in 5 weeks and still be full term!  5 weeks!?!?  But, then I remind myself that I like to cook ‘em to the end and beyond, so we’re back to 8 more weeks (at least).

Also good so far …

  • No swollen ankles, yet!  Knock on wood.  I’m not looking forward to that part!!
  • No Braxton-hicks contractions (at least I don’t think so)
  • Still feeling good overall and energetic (for the most part)
  • Still happy with our choice to wait to find out the gender (though I’m completely sure it’s another boy).

And, how about names ?!?

We don’t have ONE picked out.  We’re leaning toward a boy name we both like (not sharing … I learned my lesson with our first!), but if this turns out to be a little lady … we’ve got nothin’ as of yet.

Another first this time around?!?

Wearing a swimsuit while very pregnant!  Yikes!  Like I”ve mentioned before, we like to have Spring babies (April and May), therefore I’ve never needed a maternity swimsuit (and never wanted one!!).  This year, with our Florida trip, I figured I better buy one.  A nice black one would have probably been the way to go, but instead I bought a bright, neon pink and navy  suit with horizontal stripes.  Seriously … what was I thinking??!?  If you’re pregnant, and considering buying a swimsuit, I strongly recommend NOT going this route!  Black, Navy, brown, any dark SOLID color has got to be better than my choice.  The beach experience in Destin was a bit of a reality check for me.  We were next to some college Spring Breakers with the whole set up (Frat flags, loud music, red solo cups, and LOTS of alcohol).  They were actually pretty well behaved, however (probably better than we were in college).

Trivia for you:  What is something college spring break beach-goers and pregnant lady beach-goers have in common?

Answer:   They have to use the restrooms a lot!!  Me because of the tiny person inside pressing on my bladder … them because of the large amount of ‘liquid’ being consumed.  Either way, I found myself waiting in line for the bathrooms quite often with college ladies in teeny tiny suits, red cups, and at various stages of inebriation.  Occasionally, I had Owen with me, too.  I have never felt so old in my life!!  I wanted to say, “It wasn’t very long ago, that I was in your shoes, spring breaking with my friends!!”, but I didn’t.  I just kept quiet and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible.  My how things change in 10 years, huh?!? (well, maybe 12 years).

Nursery Progress?!?

We have one coat of paint applied to the room.  That’s it!  See here for all the items still to-do.  Better get on that!!

Well … that’s about all I have to report on the baby front.  Hopefully, we’ll make some progress on the room, start hauling up and organizing baby clothes and toys from the basement, and come up with some name options for a girl!  Oh, and pack our hospital bags!!

One thing I learned last time, is that the second baby comes WAY quicker than the first.  I’m guessing that this baby will be speedy as well, and I’m planning to head to the hospital at first signs of labor this time (I really would prefer the epidural this time around)!

Thanks for stopping by!
And if you missed my previous posts … and you’re just dying to hear about the details of this pregnancy so far (ha!), click here:


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  • Reply Angela March 25, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    You are too funny! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one eating Girl Scout cookies by the sleeve! So sorry to hear about your awful test and ambulance incident, but so glad to hear everything is going well otherwise! You look amazing :) Can’t wait for the next update!
    Angela recently posted…Ringing In Spring 2014 Home TourMy Profile

    • Reply Katie March 26, 2014 at 9:18 pm

      Thanks, Angela! That is the reason we try not to buy them … I eat them all! Apparently, I have no willpower. Thanks for stopping over! Hope your week is going well!
      Katie recently posted…20 Wishes Project … Month Two UpdateMy Profile

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