Anthropologie inspired ‘wool’ wreath

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It’s December 1st!! I can’t say “it’s officially the Christmas season,” because I’ve already said that once (or twice) already. However, things are really starting to look like Christmas around our house and our entire neighborhood! We picked out a tree yesterday, decorated it, listened to Christmas music, drank some ‘Christmas beverages’ (mine and the boys being non alcoholic … see yesterday’s news), and then watched part of a Christmas movie. It was great! Owen was so excited to decorate the tree this year, it was fun to watch. He kept asking me, “if Santa was going to like our tree.”

Charlie taking our tree home

Charlie taking our tree home

Our house is still a disaster (way too many projects all started at once), so I can’t share too much of our Christmas decor (yet), but I did finish one project that I am excited about! Our DIY Anthropologie-inspired ‘wool’ wreath:

Anthropologie Inspired 'Wool' Wreath

Anthropologie Inspired ‘Wool’ Wreath

Here’s the inspiration wreath from Anthropologie (only $128!!!):

Inspiration from Anthropologie

Inspiration from Anthropologie

They’re similar, right?  I love that these wreaths can be used all winter long … maybe even to Easter(?).  While I do love Anthropologie … I can’t justify spending $128 on this wreath!  DIY to the rescue!

Here are some additional shots of my DIY wreath (I had a super hard time deciding where to put it) ….

Hanging out on our four season porch ... hmmm

Hanging out on our four season porch … hmmm

Not sold on that spot …

Front Door?  {just had to add the candy cane trim to this picture ... }

Front Door? {just had to add the candy cane trim to this picture … }

and without the distracting frame …

Front Door

Front Door

Since I spent quite a bit of time on this wreath, and since I’m pretty sure white yarn hanging outdoors may not end well, I decided upon an indoor spot in our house (you’ll notice it’s the same mantel we had our Halloween Decor and then Thanksgiving Decor set up on…).

Red and White Christmas Display

Red and White Christmas Display

Are you convinced you need one, too?

Anthropologie = $128; DIY = ~$31 (and cheaper if you can use more JoAnn coupons for the yarn).

Convinced now?

Here are the details …

You’ll need:

  1. ~18″ wreath form from craft store … OR even better, a piece of pipe insulation from Home Depot/Lowes/etc and duct tape (this is the option we choose)
  2. White duct tape (if your wreath form is anything but white)
  3. 4 large bundles of yarn (is ‘bundle’ the right word for yarn … pretty sure it’s not). The ‘fluffier’ the better, in my opinion (see pictures below for the exact yarn I used).
I used ~3.5 'bundles' of this yarn

I used ~3.5 ‘bundles’ of this yarn

Apparently, ‘super bulky’ is the term for ‘fluffier’.

Get the 'Super Bulky' kind, if possible

Get the ‘Super Bulky’ kind, if possible

That’s all you need! If possible, try to use some coupons on your yarn (since that’s the most expensive part). The original price for the bundles I purchased at JoAnn were $10 each. I was able to use two 40% off coupons to help take $8 off the total. I used the pipe insulation from Lowe’s which was less than $1. MUCH less than an 18″ wreath form from JoAnn (even with coupons)!!

Okay, here’s the how-to:

First, make your wreath form from pipe insulation ….

Step 1:  Chase down 3 year old trying to joust dog with the pipe insulation you just purchased for your project

Step 1: Chase down 3 year old trying to joust dog with the pipe insulation you just purchased for your project

Once your pipe insulation is back in hand, determine how big you want your wreath, and simply trim to the appropriate length. Duct tape ends together:

Pipe Insulation wreath form ... <$1!!!

Pipe Insulation wreath form … <$1!!!

Next, cover entire wreath form with white duct tape. Some of the form just may show through, and black is not the look we’re going for here. :)

That was the easy part … now on to the yarn pom pom making. I’m warning you, this part is a bit tedious …


Basically, you need to make about 75-80 yarn pom-poms that will then just get tied onto your wreath form. You’ll be a pro at yarn poms by the end of this wreath (though you may never want to make another. ever. again.). Okay, I’m being dramatic … it didn’t take that long, plus you can watch TV, your kids playing, Christmas movies, etc while you do this.

Here’s how they’re made:

  1. Take one end of yarn bundle, and begin wrapping around your four fingers (or a piece of cardboard approximately the same width). Wrap it around 40 times (yes, I said 40!).
  2. Once you have wrapped the yarn 40 times around your hand, carefully slip yarn off your fingers. You want the loops to stay intact.
  3. Cut a separate piece of yarn roughly 18″ long, and tie this around the center of your yarn bundle. (See picture … very hard to explain that in words)
  4. Once your piece of yarn is secured around your bundle (make sure to knot it several times), use a sharp scissors to cut loops on either side of tie. This creates the pom-pom looking ends.
  5. Leave the two long ends of the piece of yarn that you tied around the center (you’ll use these to tie the pom pom onto the wreath form), trim any pieces that are too long.
  6. You should now have one yarn pom pom, with two long strings hanging out on either side.
  7. Repeat this same process about 75 times (if your wreath form is about 18″ in diameter) … wreath after one bundle of yarn
  8. Keep going … wreath after two bundles
  9. Almost there … wreath after three bundles of yarn




That’s it! It’s a super easy project, just a bit time consuming (and a little messy … at least the yarn I choose).

Anthropologie Inspired 'Wool' Wreath

Anthropologie Inspired ‘Wool’ Wreath

I really do love how it turned out, and would suggest this project to anyone that isn’t up for paying $128.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all your Christmas decorating is going well!


  1. This is gorgeous! Pinning! I love the yarn you chose….oh, by the way they are called skeins!

    • Thank you so much!! Skeins, huh? Guess I should have googled it first :) . Can you tell I’m no knitter?? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. LOVE this! It looks so fluffy and gorgeous! Plus, it will look great all winter long! I might have to try one!

    • Try it! It really doesn’t take that long, and you can’t really mess it up (my favorite kind of projects)! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Super gorgeous! Would look good at Easter too – possibilities are endless!

    • Ohhh … Easter! Good idea! I’m going to get all the use out of this wreath as I possibly can! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. How cute! What a great project! I’m so happy I found your blog! Congrats on your baby news :) How exciting! I also nominated you for a Liebster Award. Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Angela!! Thanks so much for stopping by, the congrats, and the nomination! How exciting!! I can’t wait to get to know your blog more, too! Happy Holidays!

  5. This is so super-cute! I keep thinking about making a wreath every year, and you may have inspired me to try it out this year with the pom poms! I’ve been promising my girl that we will learn to make pom poms soon, so what better opportunity. Popping by from #MagicMoments linky at The Olivers Madhouse.

    • Thanks so much for popping over and saying “hi”. You should totally try this! Your daughter will be a pro at yarn pomps by the end. You can also use the same method with tulle and make some more awesome pomps to use in lots of ways!
      Happy Holidays! ~Katie

  6. Wow, this is impressive! It looks like it takes a lot of work but is worth all the effort! I found you at the Made by You Mondays link up but would love to have you join my party as well. It’s a Monthly Pinterest Project party

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by. It did take some time to make, and my husband thought I was crazy, but I love how it turned out (and so does he, actually)! Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your Pinterest Party … FUN! Added my link, and will look forward to reading more about your blog.
      Happy Holidays! ~Katie

  7. This is such a beautiful wreath!

    • Thanks, Megan! Love your site!! Thanks for stopping by … and for saying “hi”. Happy Holidays! ~Katie

  8. LOVE your mantel. The White and Reds are so gorgeous. You have inspired me!

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for stopping by! I love the red and white this season, too! Just ‘liked’ you on facebook so I can keep up with your site, too!

  9. That is seriously darling!!! I have a feeling I may have to give this a try myself!! LOVE it!!! Great mind and work, girly!!!!

    • Thanks, Kate! I appreciate you stopping by and saying ‘hi’. Happy December … enjoy the holidays!

  10. Darling pictures, I love the little tikes car with a tree on top, awesome :) xo

    • Thanks, Tanya! Charlie was not excited about picking out a big tree … just about driving the car they happened to have there :) .
      Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

  11. I think that looks awesome. I am definitely going to have to try to do this one! Pinning for later.

    • HI Dianna! Thanks so much. You should give it a try! Happy Holidays!

  12. I’m pinning your wreath right away. I actually like it a lot better than the Anthropologie wreath! Hope you have a great week!
    Visiting from Show me what got

    • Jordan,
      Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the note! Have a great week!

  13. loving this, i made my own wreath tonight, however its not as nice as this one!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    • Jaime… Hopefully you like how yours turned out??? Thanks for the note! Happy HOlidays!

  14. I so want to make one…love it thanks imfo on the type of yarn you used.

    • Rondell… good luck, and have fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. It looks awesome!

  16. GORGEOUS wreath!

    • Heather…thanks!

  17. This is beautiful! I love it!

  18. This is SO cute! I’ve pinned it! :)

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    • Thanks for the link party … and thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

  19. Wow! That is one beautiful wreath! Nice tutorial too! Visiting from Blackberry Vine’s linky ;)
    come visit me :0)

    • I’ll stop by! Thanks for the note! Have a great week!

  20. Love it! A nice heads up too on the tedious nature of making the pom poms. From the parenting pin-it party and pinned it.

  21. It looks gorgeous, and totally worth it!!! I think I have to do this now! Thanks for the great tutorial, I’m so glad I found you over at the Blackberry Vine! New follower. :)

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for saying “hi”. Glad you found me at the Blackberry Vine! I am also now following you! Can’t wait to get to know your blog better!

  22. This is beautiful! I love how you staged it on your mantle too. So elegant and pretty.

    • Hey Katie! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holidays!

  23. Looks amazing! I am not very good when it comes to crafting – basically i have two left hands but i am thinking i might convince my mum to help me. i might change the colour to red. now will it look as good as yours? hm…

    thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty this week. pinned on the link board and my own christmas board x

    • Hi Otilia! Thanks for the comment! Red would look awesome! Good luck if you try it!! Let me know how it goes :)

  24. What a great idea! AND so much more realistic in price. I just may have to try this one!

  25. You did a great job and made it look so easy. Just love it!

  26. ooooohhhh i like this a lot!

  27. I love this!! I really need one of these for my home!

  28. Oh I could do with Charlie’s delivery van for our tree at the weekend. So glad I am not the only one with half finished Christmas projects … hopefully will have it all together by the weekend.

    Absolutely love the wreath – have pinned it to my Christmas board, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

    • Hi Alice,
      Thank you!!! By the way…I’m new to blogging, and I just discovered your link party calendar. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It is very helpful! Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas!
      Oh, and Charlie works by appointment only. Book early if you’d like a delivery! :)

  29. So pretty! And that photo of your little boy is SO adorable!! Pinned this! Thanks for sharing at The Inspiration Exchange. Jenn :)

    • Jenn … thanks!! Also, thanks for your link party! I’m new to blogging, so I’m so glad I found your site. I just spent a long time looking through all your projects! Can’t wait to follow you and see more! Thanks for stopping by!
      Happy Holidays!

  30. This is the best tutorial and such a beautiful wreath! I would make one for “Year-round” décor:)

    • Hi Marisa,
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m totally going to try to find a way to use this wreath year-round. Someone suggested it would be perfect for Easter, too. I’m all for it! Happy holidays!

  31. I love this project and especially love your red and white Christmas display! Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you! Christmas is the only time of year that I enjoy decorating with red … and I just love it! Happy Holidays!

  32. Your wreath looks beautiful….dare I say, it looks better than the Anthropologie one? I also love how the red items look in front of it.

  33. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing! I love your red and white combination in the arrangement. It’s so pretty!

  34. I am pinning this! Oh my gosh, so pretty! Your instructions are great! Giving this one a try for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  35. It’s Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! I love this post and would love for you to link up to the Merriest Blog Hop and share your creations!

  36. This is so great! Pinning it right now! I am a new follower of your blog!

  37. Loving this beautiful fluffy wreath!! So pretty!! Come link up to my party and share this with everyone!

  38. Your lovely wreath caught my eye at the Artsy Corner link party. Nicely done!! LOVE it! Pinned :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Brenda! Thanks for stopping by (and letting me know where you saw my wreath!). Happy Holidays!

  39. SO beautiful, Katie! I like yours even better than the Anthro one! Thanks so much for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

    • Ha! Thanks, Abby! And thanks again for hosting the link party every week! Keeps me motivated! Loved your house tour, by the way. I can tell you love Christmas!

  40. Hi there! I featured you on Blissful and Domestic today! Stop by and check it out!

    Danielle@ Blissful and Domestic

    • Danielle! Thank you so much!! Love, love, love that roundup of crafts. I think I’ll be pinning just about every single one (you know, for when I have an extra spare week to craft :) )!

      Happy holidays!!

  41. This is beautiful — thank you for sharing! I’m a new follower and I found you through Artsy Corner Thursday!

  42. Love this!! It’s so pretty! I’d love for you to drop by our link party and link this gorgeous wreath up! :) You can reach it here:
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Jane! Just linked up at your party! Thanks for the message and for stopping by! Happy Holidays! I’m also now following you on Pinterest so I can keep up with all your projects! Have a good weekend!

  43. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic project on The Inspiration Board at homework. I featured you today! Have a great weekend.

    homework &

    • Carloyn,
      Thanks so much for the feature!! Love your site and thanks for hosting the party! Have a good weekend!

  44. I just love this wreath and your picture looks beautiful!! Your really have a great site!! I would love to share it on my Facebook page!!

    • Hi Courtney!! Thanks so much for the comment! Love your site, and I’m so glad I just recently became a follower of yours! Love your stuff!! Thanks for saying “hi.” Hope you are having a great weekend!

  45. I think I like your wreath better! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday! I’ll be featuring your wreath at the next party. :-)

    Navy Wifey Peters @ USS Crafty

    • T’onna… Awesome! I’m very flattered! Thank you for letting me know. I will stop by first thing, and check it out! Have a good rest of your weekend!

  46. They always seems to have the cutest things and you did a great job. Thanks for linking up with us

  47. Too adorable! I love it, I want to touch it, I want to hug it….ok deep breath lol! We would love if you linked up to our Snickerdoodle Sunday @!

  48. I love this so much that I am featuring you today at the Get Your DIY On Challenge! Hop by to grab your button if you have a chance, and we would love you to share any ornament projects with us too!

    • Hi Krista,
      Awesome!!! I did grab the button (right away!), and shared by DIY ornament for this week. Love your site and your linky party … and, can I just say …. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your gallery wall featured in your home tour. Your room just may be my inspiration next year. Love it!
      Happy Holidays!

  49. It turned out great, love it! Pinning, and thanks for sharing at my link party!

    • Hi Jessi! Thanks for hosting the party … and for stopping by to say ‘Hi’. Happy HOlidays!

  50. I love your wreath! So pretty. I wanted to thank you for sharing your creation at Project Inspire{d} and let you know that you are my feature of the week! I hope to have you join the party again.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Mary Beth

    • Hi Mary Beth! Awesome! Can’t wait to see the feature! Thank you so much! I’ll be linking up again this week. Thanks for co-hosting the party! Happy holidays!

  51. Wow – great job! Tedious, but a beautiful result!! Thanks for linking up for Take it on Tuesday!!

    • Hi Betsy! Thanks for hosting the party and for stopping over! Happy Holidays!

  52. This is absolutely adorable and on my list of projects for 2014. It’s in the top five of the things I promise to make for my next Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

  53. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog today! Come stop by and grab a featured button :)

    • Rebecca! Thanks so much for the feature … how exciting! Thanks for hosting. Hope you’re having a great Holiday season!

  54. I’m super loving your wreath. It’s a great knock-off. I hadn’t seen the Anthropologie one but I actually like yours better!!! Would you be willing to share this at our Making Monday link party? We would love it and think our readers will, too. Thanks. Have a fantastic day.

    • Hi Lori,
      Just linked up at your party! Thanks for the invite … loved looking at all the other links. Happy Holidays!!

  55. I love your wreath.. Thanks for linking up!

  56. Congrats! You will be featured on Friday’s Five Features over on DIY Vintage Chic. Stop by tomorrow and grab yourself a button!

    • Becca! Thanks so much! Excited to see the post! Happy Holidays!

  57. Hi Katie. So glad I found your site via the Marvelous Monday link party at Frugal Foodie Mama! It might be a little too late to tackle this for Christmas, but I see lots of potential for other holidays! Love the idea of using pipe insulation as the wreath form! I’ll be following you on Pinterest and Facebook and subscribing!

    Have a fab-u-licious day and Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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