Hello!  I’m Katie, and I’m so glad you stopped by!  This is my little side project that has turned into so much more!  I have always loved crafting, decorating, and dreaming up more projects for the house, and now I have a place to share all of those things!  I hope you’ll take a minute to look around my blog here, check out some past projects, and follow with me on all the new projects that are currently developing in my head as they become reality {hopefully}.


My boys:


My three strong men

Three of my very strong men

And here’s the fourth (ready to join his brothers!) …



While this blog has become quite the fun (and sometimes time consuming) project, my main job on a daily basis is being a mom to Owen (4) and Charlie (2) and Ben (3 months).

Let me formally introduce them to you …

Owen (he’s 4):


Owen is my easy, laid-back, sweet little boy!  He is off to his second year of Preschool this year, and I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing up!  He’s turning into one awesome Soccer player, and currently loves all things Superhero related!  And that dimple …

Charlie (2 years old):



He’s my very intense middle boy (from the very start … read more about his birth story here)!  He has the biggest heart, and is just as sweet as can be (most of the time).  I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a genius when he grows up, too (just saying’).  And those eyes …

and brand new Ben …


The easiest baby yet!  He’s {mostly} happily content amongst the chaos around our house!  His smile just melts my heart and I love snuggling with him!  And those chubby baby legs …

I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home with these little guys.  I owe that, and so much more to my fantastic, supportive hubby, Matt.



Our newest one!

Our newest one!


As a family, we love hiking, walking, running, and basically anything outside (especially in the summer).

Hiking in the Black Hills

Hiking in the Black Hills

And as for me personally … a couple of my favorite things:  white paint, dogs, red wine, good beer, vintage/repurposed furniture, our BOB stroller, country music, pistachio gelato, the  Iowa Hawkeyes, Minnesota Twins, the movie Love Actually, and the song Desperado by the Eagles (don’t tempt me with this in Karoke!!).

A few of my least favorite things:  rude, crabby, and whiny people, box elder bugs, Michael Vick (refer to my love of dogs), and beige.  Also, not a huge fan of riding bikes, though I’m working on it.

We currently live in a suburb of Minneapolis, and just purchased our current home this past September.  We have already begun a lot of projects around here, so stay tuned for how they turn out.

Welcome to our home!

Welcome to our home!


Now…what’s up with the name?


Here’s a flashback…circa late 80’s:

View's great from up here!

View’s great from up here!


Still not entirely sure the reason, but when we were little we loved sitting on top of the fridge.  Odd?  Yep…for sure.  Being a parent now, I’m sure there was a good reason for putting us up there.  Keep us occupied for 5 minutes?  Reward for eating our veggies?  I’m in the middle with that awesome jumpsuit on (my sister Steph is on the left, and my cousin Meredith on the right).

You may have thought, “View From The Fridge … I bet she has a lot of recipes to share.” Sorry to disappoint.  I’m not the cook in the family … that’s my hubby.  He’s BIG into nutrition, cooking, experimenting with different diets, researching food in general (really, we listen to podcasts of interviews with biohackers (look it up) and food and nutrition experts on car trips for hours).  From time to time, I’ll share some of his learnings, some of his recipes, and some of his thoughts on food and health in general.  A lot of the information out there really is fascinating (but I can only have so many hobbies, so I’ll leave this one to him).

Again, I can’t thank you enough for stopping by!  Please send me a note or leave me a comment on any thoughts, questions, ideas, projects to share, etc.

And lastly, I almost forgot to mention our other family member … Miss Molly:

Head out the window!!!

Head out the window going 50!!  She’s lovin’ it!

She would want me to also include a more attractive picture…

Ladylike Molly!

Ladylike Molly!