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6th week

September 29, 2013

And then I bit Matt’s head off for mentioning an interesting Huffington Post Article I should read about being a good person.  That’s how Tuesday night ended.  Sorry, Matt.  I’m a little on edge.  Maybe I should read that article … ASAP. 

Here’s what Baby Center has to say about this:

You may find yourself developing a bit of a split personality — feeling moody one day and joyful the next. Unsettling as this is (especially if you pride yourself on being in control), what you’re going through is normal. Ricocheting emotions are caused partly by fluctuating hormones. But hormones aside, your life is about to change in a big way — and who wouldn’t feel emotional about that?

So…in conclusion, my craziness is completely normal … to be expected, actually.  Must forward this article to Matt (and quite possibly everyone else I may come in contact with in the next 7 weeks … or 34?).

Also this week, I took the Chinese ‘gender prediction’ test (like 5 times on different sites).  The overwhelming majority said, “You’re having a Boy!”  So then I had to test it for Owen and Charlie.  It said Owen was going to be a boy, and Charlie a girl.  So, it’s 50% accurate.  So, there’s a 50% chance it’s right that I’m having a boy (also 50% chance it’s wrong, and I’m having a girl).  Huh, I’m pretty sure that was not helpful.  We’re back to 50/50.

So, in other news … just got home from Vegas. 

Steph, Jess, and I in Vegas

Steph, Jess, and I in Vegas

That was interesting.  I’ve never been to Vegas sans alcohol.  It was a little relaxing (during the day, at least).  The nights were not great.  I was tired, feeling super unattractive, and watching everyone else drink and gamble.  We went to a nightclub (because someone gave us free tickets).  The line to get in was enormous, so apparently, this was the place to be (also, I watched the guy in front of us pay $100 to get in).  I’m glad we went in to see what all the hype was about, but I was ready to leave after…oh, 5 minutes.  It was so super smoky and I felt really old.  Ugh.  We stayed maybe 10 minutes. 

We also did something else I’ve never done in Vegas … workout.  I have never even thought to see if the hotels have gyms in them.  They do, apparently … really nice, fancy ones with free water bottles and all!

And, just one question … Why is my stomach so enormous?  Baby Center (apparently, my guiding source of all pregnancy related information)  says my baby is the size of a lentil bean.  Have you seen a lentil bean?  There itty bitty.  My stomach looks like it has a whole bag (or three) of lentil beans in there right now.  Wearing a swimsuit in Vegas was fun (sense my sarcasm?).  Actually, wearing anything remotely cute and form fitting in Vegas was fun.  It will all be worth it in 34 weeks …

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