20 Wishes Project … Month 3 Update

April 30, 2014


And in the middle of this Anthropologie Craziness … I have a quick (very quick because I didn’t make a whole lot of progress) update for you on this project I started back in January … 20 Wishes for 2014.




At the end of January, I shared with you my 20 wishes for 2014.  This is a project with 10 other blogger ‘hosts’ and several other bloggers that linked up.  You can read about all the reasons for taking this challenge on in my first post here, but basically this list is more than New Years Resolutions.  It’s a list of fun things.  Things that create memories for us and our families.  Things that we’ve always wanted to do.  Things that we keep saying, “we should do that someday.”  Well … the point of these lists is to make ‘someday’ happen this year!

This is my MONTH THREE progress report.   Each of the bloggers taking part in this ‘project’ have posted their April (month 3) updates today.  See below for the links to their sites, and check out their progress.  Again this month, I’m not overly proud of what I can check off, but at least I made a little progress (see details below).

>> CO-HOSTS <<

Let me first give you the rundown of the other lovely ladies participating in this challenge.  Be sure to stop over and check out their lists and their progress made in the first two months:

Kassi & Kayli @ Truly Lovely
Chrissy @  The Brave Wanderer



Now … here’s where YOU come in (we’d love some participation from you guys in this “challenge”).  To give you some inspiration to join in this ‘project’, we’re offering some incentives (that always helps, huh?).  Here’s the deal … write your own list OR give us an update on your list that you linked up last week.  20 things you’ve been wanting to do (seriously … this doesn’t take long … so go grab a pen / keyboard).  Then, link ’em up here.  Then, go DO those things.  Each month, on the last Wednesday of the month, come back right here and share your progress.

Grab this button to help remind yourself to GET ON DOING THOSE THINGS (and to help you remember to come back and link up each month).

Truly Lovely



Starbucks from Nay

So … I mentioned that ‘incentive’ for linking up.  This month, we’re giving away a Starbuck’s Gift Card.  And when I say “we”, I really mean Nay from the Coffee & Ink.  Who couldn’t use that?!?  Head over to her page and tell her thanks!!  Link up to win at the bottom of this post.




So … here’s my report card for April:

  1. Introduce the boys to the ocean.  CHECK!!  Crossed this off last Month, but let’s look at the lovely picture one more time ….
    Destin, FL | View From The Fridge

    DESTIN, FL … MARCH 2014


  2. Go camping.  All four of us, or five of us (if this happens after May).  Same as last month …  No Progress.  Happy to report snow is gone … and I’m nearly 38 weeks pregnant.  We’ll aim to make this happen LATE summer or fall this year (with three kids?!?!?).
  3. Read 12 books (one a month).       1 book complete … Water For Elephants (checked off last month).  Second book nearly complete.  I’m reading ‘So You Want To Start A Blog’ by Jennifer West of PinkWhen.  LOTS of good tips, and I’ll be sure to share my learnings here soon!Book-Title-w-price-7.99-309x400
  4. Grow a veggie garden this summer.  Even if it’s only one kind.  For Matt’s birthday a week ago, I bought him two raised bed garden ‘kits’ to get started building.  Since then, it’s rained non stop here, but as soon as it dries out … those are going up, seeds are going in, and {hopefully} our veggies will start growing!  So … SOME PROGRESS!
  5. Waterski.  Nope … happy to report the ice is off the lakes, but it was still 35 degrees outside today.  We’ll give the lakes some time to warm up.
  6. Try stand up paddle boarding (SUP)  ditto what I just said above.  
  7. Go see at least 5 concerts (any live music counts).  None actually attended, BUT tickets purchased for two concerts later this summer!!  Rock the Garden (a two day music fest here in Mpls in June), and Eric Church in September (suite tickets … we’re doing this in style!!)
  8. Go away for the weekend, just Matt and I.   No Progress.  I’m now thinking this Fall sounds good for a getaway.  Who wants to sign up to babysit a newborn, 2 year old, and 4 year old?!?
  9. Run a ‘race’.  10K or longer.  Yep … No Progress.  Have to wait until after baby is here (I know … excuses, excuses…)
  10. Family coordinated Halloween costumes this year.  Wrong time of year … No Progress.
  11. Go to a train museum (for the boys).  Yikes, I was supposed to do this in April (that’s what I said last month).  I’ve got 18 hours …
  12. Do a family volunteer day.  No progress.
  13. Figure out a fun project to do with my wedding dress (that’s been hanging on a the door to my old bedroom at my mom’s house for nearly 7 years!!)  No Progress.  At.  All.
  14. Go on a family trip over Christmas instead of buying presents.  No plans as of yet.
  15. Ride the trolley at Lake Harriet with the boys.  Wrong time of year.
  16. Teach at Vacation Bible School again this year.  It’s hard work, but SO, SO rewarding.  Wait ’til June.
  17. Take the boys to a Twins game. Half checked off!  Owen and Matt went to a game a couple weeks ago!  Charlie will make it soon!  The day they went was pretty cold and rainy, but Owen enjoyed having an entire row to themselves!!  twinsgame3twinsgametwinsgame2
  18. Go do a Barre workout at the studio.  No progress (pulling the pregnancy card again here).
  19. Learn how to make a quilt.  Not a blanket … an actual quilt.  Nope.  I got nothin’ but the quilts I’ve pinned
  20. Take some sort of creative class …  photography lessons, sewing lessons (maybe to learn how to make a quilt??), chalk paint class at this store nearby, craft night, painting (yikes), something …. with a friend and preferably some wine (if it’s after May).  Planned for June … I promise!!

A small amount of progress made.  Check back next month … same place, same time, to see if I can cross a couple more off (fingers crossed).  Oh, and have a baby in there somewhere!!!  On with the fun stuff …



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Now … I’ll be back in just a bit with DAY #4 of the Anthropologie Knock Off Challenge, so stop back in an hour or so!  Thanks for stopping by!


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  • Reply Kassi @ Truly Lovely May 1, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    Ooh, I’d be interested to read the blog book! I’m always up for blogging tips! Looks like you’ve got progress going on almost everything!!! Way to go Katie!!!

    • Reply Katie May 1, 2014 at 9:35 pm

      Thanks, Kassi! Some progress (but A LONG WAY) to go! Have a great rest of your week!

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