20 Wishes for 2014 {Month 6 Progress}

July 30, 2014

If you’ve noticed … I’m really good at starting stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  House projects.  Craft projects.  Gardening projects.  I’m NOT, however, so good at following through on these things.  Actually, I’m terrible at finishing things. I think I need an intervention. Someone to force me to actually finish all my random projects that are in limbo. Or maybe I need a team of people to come over one day and knock out all these things for me flash mob style (isn’t there an HGTV show similar to this … if so, where can I sign up?!?).

Should we count how many things I’ve started recently without finishing … (the answer is yes … humor me):

  1. That 52 week organizing challenge I gave myself on New Year’s Day.  I was completely planning on organizing on area/thing/drawer/etc a week.  My ‘Dirty Little Secret Friday’ ended in March.  Challenge = A Failure.
  2. O & C’s big boy room.  We are SO close to being done.  Someone please come install a closet door so we can finally call it done!!!
  3. The nursery.  A.K.A. Ben’s room.  I was totally planning on having this done PRIOR to his arrival.  Also a failure.  It’s close … So close.  Just need a day (or really only like 3 hours) to paint the doors, hem the curtains, and hang some shelves!!
  4. The office makeover.  Yep … we need some shelves.  And also some cleaning and organizing. And some labeling.  And a new floor.
  5. And … The topic of this post today … This 20 wishes project!!!  I first posted about it at the end of January.  Then, I was awesome at updating you each month (until May).  The end of May my life became MUCH more crazy.  Good crazy, but C.R.A.Z.Y.  Ben was born.  Ben is the easiest, happiest baby e-v-e-r, but the little ones now outnumber us, and life is crazy.  Period.  I’m not even sure what we do each day (seriously, I could not tell you what exactly we did yesterday), but by the end of the day … I’m wiped.  out.

Well … I missed the past 2 months of updates on this ‘project’.  So I’m bound and determined to update it this month!!  So … here it is (also … don’t get too excited, as not a whole lot has changed since April’s update).


Let me refresh your memory on what exactly this ’20 Wishes Project’ is…



At the end of January, I shared with you my 20 wishes for 2014.  This is a project with 10 other blogger ‘hosts’ and several other bloggers that linked up.  You can read about all the reasons for taking this challenge on in my first post here, but basically this list is more than New Years Resolutions.  It’s a list of fun things.  Things that create memories for us and our families.  Things that we’ve always wanted to do.  Things that we keep saying, “we should do that someday.”  Well … the point of these lists is to make ‘someday’ happen this year!

Each of the bloggers taking part in this ‘project’ have posted their July (month 6) updates today.  See below for the links to their sites, and check out their progress.

>> CO-HOSTS <<

Let me first give you the rundown of the other lovely ladies participating in this challenge.  Be sure to stop over and check out their lists and their progress made in the first two months:

Kassi & Kayli @ Truly Lovely
Chrissy @  The Brave Wanderer



Now … here’s where YOU come in (we’d love some participation from you guys in this “challenge”).  To give you some inspiration to join in this ‘project’, we’re offering some incentives (that always helps, huh?).  Here’s the deal … write your own list OR give us an update on your list that you linked up last week.  20 things you’ve been wanting to do (seriously … this doesn’t take long … so go grab a pen / keyboard).  Then, link ’em up here.  Then, go DO those things.  Each month, on the last Wednesday of the month, come back right here and share your progress.

Grab this button to help remind yourself to GET ON DOING THOSE THINGS (and to help you remember to come back and link up each month).

Truly Lovely




So … I mentioned that ‘incentive’ for linking up.  This month, we’re giving away a $10 Gift Card.  And when I say “we”, I really mean Bethani from The Texan Pantry.  Head over to her page and tell her thanks!!  Then, link up to win at the bottom of this post.




So … here’s my report card for July:

  1. Introduce the boys to the ocean.  CHECK!!  Crossed this off in May, but, again, let’s reminisce, should we?
    Destin, FL | View From The Fridge

    DESTIN, FL … MARCH 2014


  2. Go camping.  All FIVE of us.  Does ‘camping’ in a fancy cabin in North Wisconsin count?  We canoed.  We fished.  We paddleboated.  We hiked.  If this doesn’t count (not exactly roughing it) then, … No Progress.  Aiming of for ‘tent’ camping later this fall.



  3. Read 12 books (one a month).       2 complete.  Not exactly on track.  Not enough hours in the day, I’m tellin’ ya!
  4. Grow a veggie garden this summer.  Even if it’s only one kind.  Failure!!!  ‘nough said. 
  5. Waterski.  Nothing yet.
  6. Try stand up paddle boarding (SUP).  Not yet.
  7. Go see at least 5 concerts (any live music counts).  I’m happy to report I’ve made some progress here!!  We went to a ‘living room’ concert in our friends house.  Ben Kyle performed (of the band Romantica).  It was great.  Fun …. even for a 38+ pregnant lady!!  Then … we went to Rock The Garden, an outdoor concert in Minneapolis.  Spoon was the headliner, but we also saw Dessa and Guided By Voices.  It was our first night away since Ben’s arrival … and I took full advantage (thanks Mom for hanging out with Ben, and Kate for babysitting the other two!).

    Rock The Garden

    Rock The Garden

  8. Go away for the weekend, just Matt and I.   No Progress.  I’m now thinking this Fall sounds good for a getaway.  Who wants to sign up to babysit a newborn, 2 year old, and 4 year old?!?
  9. Run a ‘race’.  10K or longer.  Yep … No Progress.  I ran 2 miles the other day.  Just 4.2 miles sort.  Ugh.  Getting in shape SUCKS!!!
  10. Family coordinated Halloween costumes this year.  Wrong time of year … No Progress.
  11. Go to a train museum (for the boys).  Ohhh  … PROGRESS!!  The boys (all three them) and I went to Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store the other month, and I’m happy to report … It was a success!!  O & C loved it (and Ben was happily asleep in the Bjorn the whole time)!  
    Watching The Trains!

    Watching The Trains!

    Admiring the trains from the bench

    Admiring the trains from the bench

  12. Do a family volunteer day.  No progress.
  13. Figure out a fun project to do with my wedding dress (that’s been hanging on a the door to my old bedroom at my mom’s house for over 7 years!!)  No Progress.  At.  All.
  14. Go on a family trip over Christmas instead of buying presents.  No plans as of yet.
  15. Ride the trolley at Lake Harriet with the boys.  We saw the trolley.  We talked about it.  We haven’t actually taken a ride, however.  
  16. Teach at Vacation Bible School again this year.  It’s hard work, but SO, SO rewarding.  Failure.  Owen went to VBS.  I didn’t help.  At. All.  Next year, I promise to be more involved.
  17. Take the boys to a Twins game. CHECK!!!  Yes … we all went … all five of us!  The boys watched ZERO baseball being played.  They did, however, eat a bunch of popcorn (and also made a huge mess).  They also each downed a hot dog (lucky for us, it was dollar dog day … #cheapdates).  
    Entire Family At The Twins Game

    Entire Family At The Twins Game

    'Watching' the game!

    ‘Watching’ the game!

  18. Go do a Barre workout at the studio.  No progress.  I have no excuses now, so let’s move on.
  19. Learn how to make a quilt.  Not a blanket … an actual quilt.  Nope.  I got nothin’ but the quilts I’ve pinned
  20. Take some sort of creative class …  photography lessons, sewing lessons (maybe to learn how to make a quilt??), chalk paint class at this store nearby, craft night, painting (yikes), something …. with a friend and preferably some wine.  Yep, No progress.  Shoot … I really thought I’d have this accomplished by now.  

Well … PSome progress made.  Check back next month … same place, same time, to see if I can cross a couple more off (fingers crossed).  On with the fun stuff …



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