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Book Themed Baby Shower

October 29, 2014
Book Themed Baby Shower. Simple, but fun and festive ideas for a beautiful baby shower! Via View From The Fridge!

We envisioned a quiet weekend this past weekend.

Instead, it was non-stop, action packed, exhausting, need-another-weekend-to-recover-from-this-weekend kinda weekend, but also was absolutely a blast!  We trick-or-treated, we dined with a total of 9 kids in full costume, 8 adults with 6+ pitchers of beer, we walked, played at the park, raked a million+ leaves, jumped in the piles of leaves, bagged the leaves, and slept about 0 (see explanation below .. ahem, Baby Ben).

The reason for this whole post, however, is the Baby shower my sister and I threw for our cousin, Betsy, on Sunday.  Betsy and her hubby ‘Phil The Man’ (long story on that nick name …) are expecting a baby boy in just under three weeks (their first bambino), and we had a brunch to celebrate!  It was a relatively small gathering … just the ladies on my Dad’s side of the family and my mom, but it was fun!

We decided on a Book Themed Baby Shower, and I thought I’d share a couple pictures of the party here.  It was a fun ‘theme’.  It was simple and easy to put together, but fun and festive at the same time!

Book Themed Baby Shower.  Simple, but fun and festive ideas for a beautiful baby shower!  Via View From The Fridge!

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Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

October 27, 2014
14 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas from View From The Fridge

Now … I’m not intending to put any extra stress on you this Monday morning, but in case it’s slipped your mind … Halloween is Friday.  THIS Friday.  I’m sure you’ve all had your costumes planned and made for months (not at all the case in our household), but if not … I’ve rounded up some great last minute ideas for everyone in the household (including one for the dog!).

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Big Boys Room Week 4 {One Room Challenge}

October 23, 2014

So, I’m warning you … you may not like these pictures that I have coming today.  I’ve found people have a hard time when paint goes over ‘beautiful wood floors’.  I get it.  Sort of.

When wood floors are beautiful, in good shape, AND fit your style … I’m all for it!  When they’re not all of the above … why not try the paint?

And so we did.

And we love them.

I feel like all the pictures I took don’t do them justice.  They’re bright, neutral, and not so brown and oak-y.  They’re more white and grey … and awesome.

Can you tell I’m excited??

Okay … let’s back up.  If you have no idea what floors I’m talking about, let me start by explaining the One Room Challenge.  It’s a blogger challenge thing.  You know … stuff we like to do to ourselves to lay on the pressure.  Because we all need more of that.  Ha!

Maybe I should say, motivation.  We’re all motivating one another to complete a makeover of ONE ROOM in 6 weeks.  Which is actually 5 weeks of work (confusing, I know … ).

ORC-LP-250x183The One Room Challenge is brought to you by Linda at Calling It Home and there are a total of 96 (by last count) bloggers linking up!
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Book Page Halloween Watercolor Art

October 20, 2014

Have I mentioned that our dog chews up books when she’s mad at us? Well, apparently she’s mad at us a lot lately because my torn up book pile downstairs is growing …

So, what am I doing about it?

Well, last week I raided my boys’ craft stash to find their watercolor paint, and made some festive Halloween inspired ‘art’.

Note:  I say ‘art’ in a very loose sense of the word.  

My kids could make this art, BUT I kinda love how it looks on my wall.  And it was free, so that helps, too.  You may have spotted this art in my Halloween Home Tour that I shared last Friday.

Check out the tutorial over on Juggling Act Mama!

Book Page Halloween Art |  View From The Fridge


JAM tutorial


Or stop over and check out all of our Halloween decorations this year:

Halloween Home Tour from View From The Fridge. Lots of fun, simple, and unique ideas

On another note … we had an absolutely gorgeous Fall weekend here.  The kind that you never want to end.  The kind that make you love living in this state (until you realize what’s coming next).  It was also the kind of weekend that made up for our rainy spring this year and horribly cold winter.  Makes me almost forget those months.  Almost.  

We managed to take a couple family pictures, too!

Book Page Halloween Art |  View From The Fridge

Ben is shoe-less and looks a bit like a linebacker in his enormous sweater, but I love these pictures!

Book Page Halloween Art |  View From The Fridge

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Did you get lucky with the weather, too???



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Halloween Home Tour & Blog Hop

October 17, 2014
Halloween Home Tour from View From The Fridge. Lots of fun, simple, and unique ideas

Happy Friday!  There are exactly two weeks until Halloween … two!  Do you decorate for the holiday?

We have some neighbors that go ALL OUT.  It’s awesome.  But I also know lots of people that don’t decorate for Halloween (besides maybe a couple pumpkins out front).  We’re somewhere in the middle.  I hate clutter.  I hate extra stuff, but I do love changing things up once and a while.  I also love how Owen gets excited about holidays now, and the decorations that come with them.

So … whether you’re anti-decorating OR all about it … we’ve got a ton of fun homes to ‘tour’ today.  They might serve as some inspiration if you love decorating for Halloween OR, if you’re not a decorator … it’s super entertaining to see what others come up with.  I’m simply amazed with the creativity of these other ladies!

So … let me show you around our home, and then be sure to stop over and check out the other homes on the tour!

I’ll warn you now, we don’t do scary.  Or gross.  At least not yet.  My boys are still little, so we like pumpkins.  A couple bats and one skull make an appearance in our decor this year, but mostly … pumpkins.

Anyway … on with it:

Halloween Home Tour from View From The Fridge. Lots of fun, simple, and unique ideas

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