Bathroom Updates {The Home Tour Mini-Series Continues}

You know early last month when I started my home tour ‘mini series‘?? Then I gave you a tour of two spaces (our kitchen, and living/dining room) and then mysteriously never mentioned the rest of the house for weeks??

Yeah? Well … I’m back today with another part of our home … the bathroom. How exciting right?!? A bathroom!!

Actually … I am probably most excited about this room than any other in our house because it’s finished. Well, as finished as anything can be in our home. Finished for now. I’m sure I’ll want to change something about it soon, but for the moment nothing about it is screaming at me to fix, change, update … which is more than I can say for any other room in the house!

So … without further introduction, welcome to our downstairs bathroom:

We’ll start by walking in the door:

Bathroom Updates |  View From The Fridge


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Party in Style … DIY Koozies!

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  The weather up here in Minnesota was finally absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  I’m pretty sure Sunday was the perfect day!!  My hubby got lucky, as it was also his birthday.  We spent lots of time outside, and nearly zero time working on house projects (still not sure where this baby is going to sleep …).

Anyway … I have a couple things to share today:


First up (and the subject of today’s post) …

I’m simply thrilled to be over at A Prudent Life today sharing some fun, easy DIY Koozies just in time for your Spring and Summer BBQ’s.  Even if you can barely sew … you can make these (I promise)!!

DIY Koozies  |  View From The Fridge

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12 Creative Ideas to Dress Up Your Walls

If you have seen our kitchen and living room, then you’ve seen several of our large blank walls just begging for some decor!  Well … good news!  We had some wonderful ideas linked up at last weekend’s DIY Sunday Showcase.  Just the type of inspiration I needed to start dressing my naked walls!!  I thought I’d share 12 of my favorite ‘wall decor’ ideas and projects here.

Check ‘em out …

12 Ideas for Decorating Your Walls  |  View From The Fridge

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‘Unique’ Thrift Store Upcycle

I have a bit of an odd project to share with you today.  It’s a thrift store upcycle project, and you know I love those, but the end result is a bit odd (at least that’s what my hubby thinks).

It involves a old frame, teacup, a doorbell, and of course … spray paint.

Interested yet?

Well … I’ll save you the suspense.  Here she is:

Thrift Store Upcycled Frame  |  View From The Fridge

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